World Of Warcraft Narrative Lead Confirms Chromie Is Trans

World of Warcraft’s narrative lead Steve Danuser has confirmed that Chromie is canonically trans. The news comes after an excerpt of the new lore book, Folk and Fairy Tales of Azeroth, leaked from players receiving early copies, and plenty of community members celebrated with a fanfare of Chromie tributes.

Chromie is World of Warcraft’s adorable gnome (and dragon) beloved by Azeroth. Thanks to the folks over at Reset Era via Wowhead,  we learned her formal dragon name, Chronormu uses a suffix most commonly associated with male dragons. Her name has led to speculation for a while, but the latest lore book confirms fan theories.

The book contains a new short story about Chromie, and there’s one point where the author stops using he/him pronouns and swaps to she/her after her Visage Day ceremony. Danuser confirmed that the change was deliberate, and Chromie is to be addressed with she/her pronouns in both her mortal and dragon forms.  Spoilers ahead, but you can check out the leaked image of Chromie’s short story via Portergauge on Twitter.

The announcement came to the delight of plenty of World of Warcraft players, as Chromie is one of the game’s more popular characters. Twitter posts rejoiced that the confirmation came as a relief, since so many have speculated for years that she’s trans.

While Blizzard has received a GLAAD nomination in the past, our very own Stacey Henley has tackled how the company has downplayed queerness in Overwatch, and criticized its representation highlighting the game’s biggest problem, “its two queer characters are white, cis, and straight passing, while there are more playable animals and playable robots than there are playable Black women.”

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