Wolverine, Iron Man, And More Marvel Skins Teased For Fortnite Season 4

One of the biggest crossovers to come to Fortnite is arriving tomorrow with the inclusion of Marvel characters Iron Man, Wolverine, She-Hulk, Storm, Mystique, Dr. Doom, Groot, Captain America, and Thor.

A Fortnite leaker known as ShiinaBR published an image of a comic that shows these heroes dropping into the battle royale. With the help of the Bifrost and the Rainbow Bridge, they are teleported into the world of Fortnite. Thor then speaks of a huge villain in the comics known as Galactus, who is threatening to destroy the face of all reality.

Marvel Entertainment teased the Devourer of Worlds on their Twitter account, which could mean that we might get a blockbuster chapter-ending event. It could be similar to what we saw during the black hole event of Chapter 1, which destroyed everything in its wake, and then players were dropped into Chapter 2 a few days later. Who will be stronger: Galactus or the towering Travis Scott? That’s a battle of the ages!

All jokes aside, this upcoming battle pass seems very attractive, especially for those who love Marvel comics. It might inspire quite a few people to download Fortnite again and check out what’s new. According to a recent leak, Mjolnir will be sitting somewhere in the map, waiting for someone worthy to pick it up.

The comics in-game have also told us that Galactus is seeking to destroy this little battle royale world, in order to gain its power and stop the universe-ending Black Winter that is encroaching upon him.

If you’re not on Team Marvel, you might be happy to know you will be able to play as The Joker and Poison Ivy from the DC universe in the Last Laugh Bundle later this year. It will be available for $29.99 on November 17 with a Midas Rex skin and 1000 V-Bucks.

Despite its recent issues with Apple and Google, Fortnite is as strong as ever. According to PCGamesN, the hugely popular battle royale gained yet another 100 million players over 2019 and has reached over 350 million registered users. This Marvel event could increase that number dramatically, knowing the widespread appeal the IP has around the world.

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