Windbound Getting Free Content Updates Starting With Photo Mode

Windbound, the survival adventure game that seems to have taken more than just a page out of the visual playbook of Breath of the Wild, is getting a bunch of free content updates for the next year. The first one just arrived last weekend and gave the game a brand new photo mode, a new roguelite mode, and a witch costume for Kala.

Photo mode is pretty much what it sounds like–you can take control of the camera and place it wherever and however you like to snap that perfect screenshot. Besides the basics, Kala also gets a variety of poses, expressions, filters, and 20 hats and accessories.

Just in time for Halloween was the Witch’s Hat, Outfit, and Staff to get into the spooky spirit, while Tutorials now have their own separate menu option to review some of the game’s mechanics whenever you need to.

Combat damage, stamina drain, and boat damage have all been adjusted in what appears to be a general rebalancing of Windbound. And finally, Eternal Voyage is a new endless play mode that basically turns the game into a roguelite. Instead of finishing the game after Chapter 5, you just keep going. Death will reset you back to Chapter 1, and all you’ll retain are whatever Blessings you managed to obtain.

The first free update came in time for Halloween, but the next one might be here just in time for Christmas. Coming Q4 2020 will be yet another free content update for Windbound that adds the Nautilus Key Towers, a Free Sail mode for those that just want to get in a boat and feel the wind in their hair, and a new Night Stalker Outfit, Hood, and Stalker Bow. And of course the usual QOL improvements and bug fixes, obviously.

And then in Q1 2021, Windbound gets the Corrupted update. A strange corruption has struck the Forbidden Islands and it’s up to Kara to fix it. to do that, she’ll get new Ancestral masks and brand new melee combat moves, including a parry, lunge attack, and dodge attack.

Again, these are all free updates, so no need to worry about paying for something as crass as DLC. Expect exact dates as we get closer to these release windows.

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