What Is Best In Life? Conan Exiles On Xbox Game Pass

According to a tweet posted yesterday from the official Conan Exiles Twitter account, the Conan the Barbarian survival game developed by Funcom is on its way to Xbox Game Pass.

“We’re excited to be opening the doors to the savage lands of Hyboria to many new PC and Xbox gamers!” reads the tweet. We don’t have an exact date yet, but it seems you can expect Conan Exiles to arrive on Xbox Game Pass later this year some time.

On top of that, Conan Exiles fans can expect the game’s latest expansion – Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah – to launch out of Early Access on May 27, 2021, when it will be releasing on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Isle of Siptah has been in Early Access since September last year, and since then has scaled up to be a pretty massive expansion indeed.

Isle of Siptah introduces a huge new map to explore, a new dungeon type – the Vaults, created by ancient elder races – and two new building sets with which to build all kinds of homes and cities. A ferocious rhinoceros mount has also been brought into the game, as well as the terrifying Maelstrom, which is a massive swirling storm engulfing the Isle which spawns all kinds of menacing otherworldly creatures from the void. If you dare, you can venture into the Maelstrom to reap new valuable resources.

While we wait for Conan Exiles to join the party, it looks like it’ll be an eventful time for the Xbox Game Pass this month. A total of nine games are being added, some of which already have been (namely Dragon Quest Builders 2, FIFA 21, Outlast 2, and Ubisoft’s snowboarding game Steep).

Later in the month you can expect Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, Just Cause 4: Reloaded, Psychonauts, Red Dead Online, and Remnant: From the Ashes to make their Xbox Game Pass debuts too.

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