WATCH: New Warframe Trailer Celebrates 3rd Open World Expansion, Launching Tomorrow

Heart of Deimos, Warframe’s third open-world expansion, arrives tomorrow. Get in the mood for slicing and dicing ancient bioweapons with these new trailers.

It’s almost time. Tomorrow, Warframe will get it’s third open-world expansion, the Heart of Deimos. Deimos is one of the moons of Mars and also the source of the Infested, the ancient bioweapon that got loose from the Orokin and spread throughout the system.

Deimos is extra infested thanks to being the Infested’s homeworld. The landscape is a seething mass of tendrils, horrific monsters roam the landscape, and ancient mechanized war machines called Necramechs roam the landscape, their pilots long since deceased after the war was lost.

Despite its inhospitable nature, there are some locals still alive on Deimos that have learned to adapt to their new Infested way of life. What could they need from the Tenno? Find out when Heart of Deimos arrives tomorrow.

No expansion would be complete without a new Warframe. Xaku is the second community-designed Warframe after Nova, and if there is one thing this community knows how to do, it’s make a Warframe. Xaku’s kit looks like it has a little bit of everything: damage, crowd control, speed, and even a bit of area of effect. All the right ingredients for a great new Warframe.

We mentioned in our preview earlier this month that Deimos would introduce a new system that will let you swap Warframe abilities. The list of just which abilities could be swapped wasn’t done at the time, but it is now. Note that Digital Extremes has said that certain abilities will be buffed or nerfed with the new update, so be sure to do some violent exploration while looking around Deimos.

New Warframe players will find that the introduction and opening tutorial section of the game has been completely revamped and will hopefully address one of Warframe‘s few complaints–that being a somewhat overwhelming onboarding experience. We’ve got a new trailer for that too, so take a look.

New weapons, a new Hydroid cosmetic pack, and new Supporter Packs are also coming with Heart of Deimos, which can be reviewed over on the official webpage here. Heart of Deimos arrives on all platforms tomorrow.

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