Warzone’s Streetsweeper Is Getting Nerfed

Raven Software has confirmed that Warzone’s Streetsweeper will be the next gun in the game to be nerfed.

The studio confirmed on Twitter that the gun is currently being looked at for changes saying, “We’re taking a close look at the Streetsweeper in general. Changes are coming in the next update. No details to share just yet”.

Unlike previous overpowered Warzone guns like the Sykov pistol that were mostly broken due to the attachments you could put on them, the Streetsweeper’s power comes from how much damage it does. It has incredible power behind it and can decimate enemies at close range, more so than other shotguns in the game.

Although its high damage is a problem, the main issue with the gun at the moment is that it’s a common ground drop in Warzone, which doesn’t match up to its massive amounts of damage. Being a common drop means that it’s pretty easy to find in Warzone, so players can generally find it pretty reliably. Its high damage means that higher-level loot just doesn’t compare, and when you combine those two factors together you end up with a shotgun that’s ruining Warzone’s meta.

Raven hasn’t said anything about the changes that they plan to make to the gun, but at least they’ve confirmed that something will be done. The most likely option for the gun is to change it from a common drop to something rarer and to possibly give it a damage reduction of some kind. The Streetsweeper has actually already been nerfed in Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer due to its high damage, so it’ll likely follow suit here too.

When a similar situation occurred with the Sykov pistol, Raven responded by giving a damage decrease depending on the number of attachments on the gun. The Streetsweeper has separate issues so a similar thing can’t be done, but the fix for the Sykov was effective and shows that Raven knows what it’s doing.

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