Warzone Developers Reveal How Many Players Have Been Banned

Raven Software has revealed the total number of banned players in Warzone, after getting rid of another wave of cheaters.

Raven revealed that thanks to their most recent ban wave, the total number of players banned across Warzone is now totalling over half a million accounts removed.

Their Tweet reads, “Banned over 30,000 malicious accounts across Call of Duty yesterday… bringing us to over half a million accounts banned in Warzone”.

A previous Tweet from the studio earlier in the year stated that 15,000 accounts had been banned, and that the total number of accounts removed was around 475,000. This latest update shows that Raven is slowly purging Warzone of the less honourable members of the community, and that they’ve managed to ban a pretty large number of players in less than a month.

Raven Software has been pretty open about its policy on cheaters and its method of removing them from Warzone, as well as sharing the stats online. A detailed blog post was released midway through April that revealed the previous ban stats and said that Raven was banning players every day alongside their wider-scale banning waves.

With a playerbase of over 100 million, banning half a million may not seem like a drop in the ocean, but it shows that some progress is being made and that Raven is committed to cleaning the game up as much as possible. Less cheaters is always a good thing.

Raven has also shown their commitment to improving Warzone through updates in several other ways. Just recently, they promised that changes would be coming to the infamous Rook skin, and adjustments have been made to broken guns like the Sykov as they popped up.

In recent Warzone news, an unbreakable gas mask glitch has been fixed that makes sure that players can’t just hang around in the storm. Some weapons have also been nerfed in the game’s most recent balance patch, including the FFAR, DMR, Mac-10 and AUG, with the DMR in particular getting a lot of tweaks.

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