Warzone Bunker Hunt Day 5 Brings Modern Warfare Character To The Cold War

The Call of Duty: Warzone bunker hunt has reached the end of day five, and it threw a lot of what we thought we knew out of the window. Today brought another tape to pawntakespawn.com, but this one was very different than all of the others. That’s to say nothing of the earth-shattering surprise we found inside of the bunker.

Black Ops Alternate Reality Game Overview

For the past five days, we have been playing an alternate reality game that—we assume—will eventually lead us to the reveal of the next Black Ops game in the franchise. Every day at 12 pm Eastern time, players can go to pawntakespawn.com and watch a 20-minute video. At about the 17-minute mark, the VCR next to the TV will flash with coordinates. Today’s were “WZ-F4-27495810” where “WZ” stands for Warzone, sector F4, keypad combination 24795810. Each tape has different coordinates with different combinations for each bunker, which is what we’re hunting.

Modern Warfare character Farah Karim in a Warzone Bunker

The Bunker

YouTuber PrestigeIsKey was again one of the first to get into the bunker, which is located in a small shack next to the TV station in Verdansk. Once you get inside, you are greeted with a small desk and various documents scattered around the room. Some of these documents are part of a larger puzzle that has yet to be solved. The really strange thing—the thing that separates this from the others—is that there is a picture of the fictional freedom fighter, Farah Karim from Modern Warfare on the wall. The equipment in the room is also updated, resembling equipment from the 80s rather than the 60s.

The Tape

Today’s tape was unique for several reasons. First, it is the only one in the series that covers a single year—1979. Each of the others covers a two-year span in history. It’s an oddity that is overshadowed by the content that is on the tape. Whereas the previous videos contained dramatic newscasts of the nuclear arms race, the space race, and the Cold War, today’s was oddly concerned with safety. There was very little in the way of politics or space, what we actually got was several minutes of off-road racing, ads about vehicle safety, and fuel-efficient cars. That is not to say that there was no politics, but this video didn’t have the same feel to it.


When all of this started, we assumed that we would be going back to the 50s or 60s and participating in the incredibly dangerous and secretive war against communist Russia. However, as we have moved forward in history—via the tapes—it has become clear that we are reaching the end of the historical Cold War and entering a fictionalized version of it. At the end of Modern Warfare‘s campaign, Captain Price was very coyly discussing a Black Op to hit back at the Russians, which we are led to believe he will get—featuring “Soap” McTavish. We also know that wars in the Middle East and Central Asia are components of both the real-life Cold War and the fictionalized war that involved Farah Karim and her brother Hadir, who is now an antagonist.

How all of this fits together is anyone’s guess at this point. Of course, there were a couple of minutes of the video that talked about misinformation. About getting journalists *cough* to write what you want them to write, but it’s not the truth. Perhaps we are being suckered by the devs. All we know is we are anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s update, hoping we aren’t being used as pawns.

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