Warframe’s Veilbreaker Update Brings Back A Fan-Favorite New War Character

One of the three non-Tenno characters played during The New War is about to make his triumphant return to Warframe. Kahl-175 returns in The Veilbreaker, Warframe’s next free update.

While The Duviri Paradox might have taken the limelight, Veilbreaker is promising to be no less exciting, especially for Warframe veterans of The New War. The Veilbreaker will feature some returning content from The New War, including our favorite Grineer lancer as well as new versions of the Archons that will allow up to four players to join together to take them down.

But it was Kahl that generated the most applause with Veilbreaker's reveal at TennoCon. For those who haven't finished The New War, Kahl is one of the three faction characters introduced in the previous story update. A Grineer clone soldier, Kahl led a heroic defense against the Sentient invasion, using his Grakata and later a Corinth Prime to fend off Sentient combat drones massacring Grineer forces.

Unfortunately, Kahl's final sacrifice was interrupted, heavily implying that he perished along with his brothers and sisters in the Sentient assault. It seems that he's not only survived, but learned a few new tricks during his downtime. We see Kahl sporting several new cosmetic options and even a jetpack in a fight against a Grineer walker, perhaps showcasing Kahl's adventures after The New War.

TennoCon also revealed the next Prime Warframe. Khora Prime is coming alongside the Primed version of her pet Venari, personal weapons, and a new alternate helmet. Digital Extremes also previewed the werewolf-themed Warframe co-designed with Joe Madureira, legendary comic artist and co-founder of Airship Syndicate, a studio that just so happens to be working with Digital Extremes to publish its next game.

Elsewhere at TennoCon, the Duviri Paradox was previewed with the Duviri Amphitheater event. Available to all Tenno who have unlocked even just a few nodes on Earth, the Duviri Paradox gives new players a time-bending look at what's to come in The New War, and gives veterans a fascinating look into Warframe's deepest lore.

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