Viral TikTok Clip Asks People To Choose Between Love And A PS5

The PS5 is now more than a year old. Odds are the holiday season will have reminded those of you still trying to find one how hard they are to come by. Believe it or not, there are more than 13 million people out there with a PS5. There's no telling how many of those are still owned by scalpers, of course. By this point, if you still don't have a PS5, you might be willing to sacrifce more than just money to get your hands on one.

TikTok user Panda Boi wants to know if you would go as far as to choose a PS5 over love. Turns out most of you would, or at least the people who passed Panda Boi by in a TikTok post that has quickly gone viral chose that way. The YouTuber sets up shop on a busy high street, places a few high-end PlayStation products at their feet, and holds up a sign that reads “Love or PlayStation”.

One of the two PS5s is picked up first, followed by the PS4 Panda Boi has popped down. A very interesting choice indeed as there was still another PS5 up for grabs at that point. The third person picks that up, taking the separate DualSense along with them which seems a little cheeky. All out of PlayStation goodies, and presumably still brimming with unwanted love, Panda Boi throws their sign to the floor.

The clip was only posted to TikTok and YouTube over the weekend but has quickly gone viral. It is closing in on the one million views mark on TikTok, and has already been watched more than 27 million times on YouTube. It isn't the first stunt of this description Panda Boi has pulled off this holiday season either. They did a similar giveaway with iPhones earlier this month and the same thing with PCs since giving away all that PlayStation swag.

It's unclear whether the giveaway was staged or if Panda Boi really did give away two PS5s and PS4 to those willing to choose the consoles over love. Other than the person who picks a PS4 over a PS5, what makes a video a little sus is the lack of a raucous crowd attempting to grab the free PS5s. As soon as passers-by realized what was going on, it seems likely they would have been climbing over each to get to those consoles.

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