Victoria 3 Player Discovers How Easily Fascists Can Come To Power

Victoria 3 is a fun little historical simulation game that teaches players some important historical lessons. One of which is just how important it is to keep fascists from gaining any kind of political clout. A Victoria 3 player named GlompSpark noted on the game’s subreddit that fascists can be really hard to get rid of once they appear, and it's even tougher to stop their rise to power.

As GlompSpark explained, it just takes one fascist leader in government to start throwing wrenches in the works. Even with just a minority of the country's votes, they noted the fascist industrialist had somehow managed to take control of the country's police, allowing them to arrest "traitors" to have them killed.

"I have a good parliamentary republic with 97% legitimacy and it just seems odd that a single facist […] with only 14% clout can do this without being stopped."

This being a historical simulation game, many in the replies thought this was a satirical comment criticizing the ease at which Hitler came to power, which happened gradually throughout the 1920s. Hitler also never had majority support in Germany, but that didn't stop him either. Through false promises, intimidation, and eventual outright murder, Hitler eliminated rival political parties until achieving a full dictatorship by 1933.

Just like real-life, GlompSpark said the only way to keep fascists out is for the player to manually remove them from the game's political sphere as soon as they appear. However, unlike in real-life, fascists seem to appear more often when your approval is high rather than when fascists have historically appeared during times of low approval for the government.

Another important lesson taught by Victoria 3 comes courtesy of game designer Mikael Andersson. While explaining how the game determines emergent political systems, he said empowering workers with technologically advanced factories that produced staple consumer goods causes the lower classes to thrive, which also allows them to "assert their rights to democracy, living wages, and humanitarian policies." Which, in-game, is considered communism. History is just wild.

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