Valorant’s Latest Patch Reworks Yoru And Reyna

Valorant is getting a game-changing patch today, as update 2.03 is reworking both Yoru and Reyna. While Reyna is on the receiving end of a nerf, Yoru’s ultimate seems to have been completely redesigned.

As of update 2.03 Yoru’s Gatecrash ability will now display the range at which the tether can be seen by enemies. You’ll also find the range that enemies can hear the audio of the Gatecrash teleport on the minimap. Dimensional Drift is getting a buff as well, with enemies in Yoru’s range during Dimensional Drift showing up on your allies’ minimaps. Conversely, Dimensional Drift can no longer body block enemies.

All told, that’s not a bad bump for Yoru. Riot is hoping to get “him closer to his intended impact and performance,” and this is no doubt a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Reyna. Here’s what’s changing for the powerful character:

  • Maximum Devour(Q) and Dismiss(E) charges reduced from 4 to 2
  • Cost of Devour and Dismiss charges increased from 100 to 200
  • Slain enemies that Reyna has damaged in the last 3 seconds now drop Soul Orbs, even if Reyna does not land the killing shot

It’s not a terrible nerf, but it’ll no doubt change up how Reyna mains play Valorant.

Several other changes were made with 2.03, including the introduction of the new Escalation game mode. These matches are expected to last no more than 10 minutes, pitting two teams of five against each other as you race through “progressively less-lethal loadouts with your team.” The loadout lineup varies between matches, but will always include a mix of both weapons and abilities. There’s no word on how long the game mode will be available, but Riot wants to keep it around as long as possible.

The complete patch notes are surprisingly long, with a litany of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. To get the full rundown, check out the official Valorant website.

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