Valorant down: Server maintenance news as error code 39 hits gamers

A new message from Riot suggests that Valorant servers will remain down for a little while longer.

According to the official Valorant server support site, more time has been needed to complete today’s maintenance cycle.

This includes servers in Brazil, Latin America, and North America for Valorant running on Windows 10.

The good news is that Riot Games believes servers will be back online by 12pm PT, which only means a short wait.

However, some gamers say they are getting error messages that state the game will be offline for much longer.

Here’s the latest information from Riot Games on today’s issues: “We require a longer downtime period for our teams to complete their maintenance work, and we expect the game to remain unavailable until 07/09/2020 12:00 PDT.”

If another extension is required, players will be notified through the same means, and also via the Riot Games server support site.

Gamers are also reporting issues with running into Error Code 39 when trying to access Valorant servers earlier today.


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