Valheim Player Figures Out How To Get Into Crypts Without A Swamp Key

Keys? Vikings don’t need keys. Vikings just need a pickaxe to bust their way into The Sunken Crypts, according to a recently posted video on the Valheim subreddit.

We’ve got Reddit user yiyiwt to thank for this helpful tidbit that will give you access to The Sunken Crypts before stealing the Swamp key from The Elder. All you need to do is dig a hole underneath the Crypts’ door and then stand on a chair placed directly beneath. This will cause the player to clip through the ground into the space between the door and the actual entrance to The Sunken Crypts. Bam–you’re in the Crypts, no key required.

Reddit user Proboszcz91 has proposed an even easier solution: just put the chair right next to the door. So long as the player is at least slightly clipped through the door when they sit down, then you can pass through the locked door in the same way as digging a tunnel underneath.

Users are already commenting that tactics like these are going to lead to a vibrant speedrunning community once Valheim gets listed on the official speedrun sites. With PvP already a thing thanks to fan-organized tournaments, speedrunning is basically all that’s left for Valheim to be considered a real game.

Of course, five million in sales and a sixth week at the top of the Steam top-sellers list probably gives Valheim all the credibility it needs.

If you’re just starting your journey into Valheim, we’ve got a Viking longboat load of guides to help you out. It’s important to know which critters will come after you in the wilds of Valheim, so be sure to check our creature guide to see which aggressive beasts need to be put down, and also find out where you can mine for silver to make high-end gear.

Vikings might have been better known for their raiding and plundering, but you can be a lot more peaceful in Valheim by learning how to farm. We’ve got tips for agrarian Vikings here too.

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