Valheim: How To Tame A Wolf

Alongside boars and lox, wolves are the other species of animals you can tame in Valheim. These creatures provide you with raw meat, wolf fangs, wolf pelt, and a wolf trophy, and you’ll find them in their natural habitat, the Mountain Biome.

While wolfs are naturally aggressive, you can tame them to gain a furry companion that will fight alongside your character. And hey, seeing all the enemies this game has, having something who will fight with you seems to be worth the effort.

How Can You Prepare For Taming a Wolf

First things first, you’ll need to have access to the Mountain biome, as these animals are natural to that area. Then you’ll need to build a workbench in the place so you can set up a pen.

After the workbench is in place, you need to build a cage using sharp stakes (which cost x6 wood and x4 core wood). However, leave a small gap in your fence so the wolf will be able to enter. Also, build a platform so you can jump out once the wolf enters the cage.

Another thing you’ll need to do is stock up on raw meat or neck tails; those are going to be essential in the taming process. Also, consider building a shelter or a campfire in the area since you’re going to be spending some in-game days in the place, and this biome is really cold.

Lure The Wolf In

Now that the trap is set is time to find you some wolves. Once you’ve found one, have it chase you into the pen and then construct the final sharp stake wall so it can’t escape. Now use the platform to leave the area without the wolf following you.

However, if you think that using your character as bait is too risky, you can always place a piece of raw meat inside the pen and wait until an unsuspecting wolf comes in.

How To Tame A Wolf

Now that the wolf is trapped, all you need is to start feeding it raw meat, neck tail, or any other meat. However, it will not eat entrails.

You’ll have to keep feeding the wolf until it eventually becomes happy and tame. You’ll know the animal is no longer a threat because of the hearts that will be over its head.

The Wolf Is Tamed, Now What?

After you successfully tamed your wolf, you can get it to follow you around by pressing E. Pressing E again will make the wolf stay in place until you tell it to move again. Keep in mind that you can have up to four wolves following you at any time.

How To Mate Wolves

Instead of taming a wolf every time you want one, you can breed them to either have them follow you or to farm them for loot safely.

To mate the wolves, you could either keep two or more wolves inside the pen until they make a puppy or have them follow you around until they breed. Either way, the animals need to be fed and happy to breed.

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