V Rising: How To Get Grave Dust

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Like many crafting materials in V Rising, discovering just how to obtain Grave Dust can be more complicated than actually gathering it. You will likely first encounter Grave Dust when attempting to build your Stone Coffin for your castle.

Grave Dust is also absolutely essential to crafting high-level gear, such as the Gravedigger Ring, making this resource a crucial material for Gear Score leveling. If you are struggling to find Grave Dust, or are convinced there must be a better way to harvest it, here is a quick run-through of all the ways to gather Grave Dust in V Rising.

Loot From The Undead

The easiest and most straightforward way to find Grave Dust is by killing Undead enemies, such as Skeletons and Ghouls. You can sometimes find bands of roaming armored Skeletons around Farbane Woods, but the best place to find Undead enemies is in "haunted" areas. The Infested Graveyard, Forgotten Cemetery, and Desecrated Graveyard are great places to farm for Grave Dust when just starting out.

However, Grave Dust typically only drops from higher-level Undead enemies such as Skeleton Priests. Be wary of entering graveyards or cemeteries before your Gear Score is level 25 or higher.

How To Build A Grinder

While Undead enemies will respawn eventually, farming graveyards and cemeteries is not the most efficient means of getting a lot of Grave Dust. Fortunately, another thing that even low-level Undead drop in heaps is Bone. With the help of a Grinder, you can turn all that Bone into Grave Dust.

You will unlock the Grinder recipe for your castle fairly early on in your Journal Quest progression. To build one requires:

  • Eight Planks
  • Four Copper Ingots
  • Four Whetstones

    Getting your hands on Whetstone is the trickiest part of constructing your first Grinder, but if you don't yet have the recipe to craft some, Whetstone will often drop from enemies level 20 and higher. Once built, you can drop stacks of Bone into the Grinder to churn out Grave Dust, though it takes a stack of 100 to make just one Grave Dust.

    How To Build A Tomb

    Considering how much Bone it takes to produce Grave Dust, even after building the Grinder, you are left with the same problem of having to farm dozens of enemies just to get a smattering of resource materials. You can bypass the trip to the graveyard by building your very own Tomb right outside your Castle.

    To unlock the recipe for the Tomb, you must track and slay V Blood carrier Goreswine the Ravager. This is a roaming level 27 enemy that you can often find either on the road or traveling between the numerous graveyards in Farbane Woods. Track him from your Blood Altar to locate his most recent spawn.

    It is worth noting that the Tomb cannot be placed inside your castle. Instead, it must be placed on a "Border" tile without any flooring beneath it. Hence, why Goreswine the Ravager also rewards a Nocturnal Fence recipe, the better to protect your newest asset.

    Placing different flowers inside the "Input" of the Tomb will lure different types of Undead to rise. Mourning Lilies in particular will summon Ghouls that drop both Bone and Grave Dust. Although Mourning Lilies can be difficult to find, if you can get your hands on some flower seeds, planting a garden is the perfect way to create an endless loop of rising Undead to give you all the Bone and Grave Dust you could ever need and so much more.

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