Use This Handy Tool To Optimize Your Genshin Impact Team

Min-maxing in Genshin Impact is a rough endeavor. Even if you happen to have the good artifacts and weapons lying about, knowing which to pick and pair with what often winds up a confusing and cumbersome chore. No worries though, it looks like one fan has been hard at work to create tools that do all of that math for you in the form of Genshin Optimizer.

There’s tons of RNG in Genshin, every venture into a dungeon is a bit of a crapshoot. In exchange for your very precious resin, you may get an artifact with amazing stats or one that’s better suited for the bin. If you’re anything like me, all of your pieces are half god-tier half trash. It can be tough deciding where those pieces fit on your characters, and how you can compensate for less than ideal pieces fitting in when you just have to make do.

The Genshin Optimizer is helpful with its artifact editor, character editor, and build generator. The idea may sound like a lot of work at first, but it’s really not. You don’t have to manually type in artifact stats like you do for some other fan-created optimizing solutions, there’s a function that just scans screenshots you submit and adds them in. One of my biggest struggles in this game is deciding on whether something is trash or a keeper, this ends that hang-up.

Entering in your library of characters and artifacts will result in the Genshin Optimizer spitting out builds you should go for. It’ll aid in figuring out if you have a piece of equipment on one character that should be moved to another or what rolls on substats will look like. Spending some time here figuring out what you should invest in could save you from big headaches later.

The build generator also sports equipment guide from other users. We have a ton of guides on TheGamer too that’ll help you get an idea of what to farm for each character, then you can plug those spoils into this nifty tool!

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