Upcoming Will Smith Movie Emancipation Stops Filming In Georgia Due To "Regressive Voting Laws"

Will Smith’s lead role in the movie, ‘Emancipation’ was announced last year, directed by Antoine Fuqua. It’s a thriller based on a true story about a slave. The filming was to begin in Georgia in early 2021, with an expected release date of 2022 or 2023. However, after an unfitting bill restricting voting rights was recently passed by the Governor of Georgia, the team behind the movie – including Smith – have backed out from production in the state.Apple Studio’s runaway-slave thriller changed its production plans and shooting location from Georgia after Governor Brain Kemp signed a bill restricting voting rights for all. This new passing of bill will be of a disadvantage to the minorities and the people of color especially, as it limits voting by mail and puts a restraint over how elections are generally run. As the movie addresses years of slavery, discrimination, racism and abuse – it does not seem fit to be filming in a state which still believes in such crimes. The new Georgia bill deems it illegal to help voters and to provide them with food and water. and it also demands for proof of identity. Even though Georgia is recognized for its infrastructure and how often it is used for production, with its skilled technicians and crew members, Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua are not willing to work on the project in said state.

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