Two Point Campus: How To Earn Kudosh

Two Point Campus is the 2022 university campus simulator game from Two Point Studios. The game revolves around you developing different university campuses and unlocking new courses, buildings and ways to affect your students and staff along the way, including a wide array of interesting, often room specific, customizable items.

Kudosh is the in-game currency for unlocking those new items, as well as things like skins and outfits. It buys both the things you might want to place, and those that achieve the Personal Goals of students and staff that appear in your inbox. You might find you run low on Kudosh quite quickly, especially if you're granting all of those requests. While it's not the easiest to obtain, there are several ways to earn more.

Completing Objectives

The most obvious source of Kudosh is completing objectives and quests throughout the game, and it'll be one of the key ways you will earn it.

Aiming to reach the different star levels for the campus will provide you with 100 Kudosh, rising as progressive stars are unlocked.

As you progress, smaller objectives will arrive in your inbox. Aside from the Personal Goals requests, these see you trying to achieve a lesser goal. Each of these will earn you a small amount of Kudosh on completion.

Career Goals

Another major source of Kudosh is through career goals, awards you accumulate throughout your activities — depending on how much of something you do or create the conditions for.

This includes reaching numbers of students to graduate from each class, how many friendships are forged on campus, how many end of year awards your campus earns, and so on. As they have several levels, you will be rewarded 50 Kudosh for the first level of the goal, up to 100 in the third.

You can find the career goals screen by navigating to the top right bar. You can pin any of these goals to your main screen, so you can track how close the next payout is.

An easy goal to obtain is 'Landscaping', which is changing the appearance of the outdoor tiles. It's a free process that can be done in bulk.

End Of Year Awards

When each academic year ends, the graduation ceremony is not only a place to celebrate student success, but also your own as measured against other campuses in the game's world.

There are many award badges to earn per year, covering everything from fostering relationships to having the best overall campus. As a specific example, an award like Queen of Clubs (given for having the best clubs) will bring you ten Kudosh.

Open Days And Inspections

As you progress through the year you will receive inbox requests for visits from prospective students, and different kinds of inspector will also visit by their own schedule.

For the students and their inspector, if your course impresses them, you can end up with three students enrolled. Each enrollment earns you five Kudosh. Other inspectors will, for instance, check your hygiene and campus healthiness levels, which will result in the Kudosh being awarded per your rating.

The student visits are judged by the quality, expertise and condition of the teacher, and the prestige and appearance of the rooms. Have the things being inspected at a high enough level and you'll be able to impress any inspector


The worms that pop up out of the ground in the game, if you're fast enough to see them, aren't just a comic nuisance. Catch one, and you will potentially earn a small amount of Kudosh — from one to five — or a few dollars in cash.

There's a career goal for catching the little critters, too, so it could lead to hundreds of the currency if you're committed to rooting out the worms.

Research Lab

In the third campus, Mitton University, you will unlock the Research Lab. This can provide you with upgrades to equipment, as well as new equipment you would otherwise have to spend Kudosh on.

This is a way to save your coins. As you develop upgrades for the lab itself, and increase the number of students on campus, you will be able to undertake commercial research projects. These will come with rewards of cash or Kudosh.

Having Research Labs up and running at a high level across your campuses is a key way to ensure Kudosh is always coming in.

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