Two Point Campus: All Student Union Events, Ranked

In Two Point Campus, one of the important things you need to account for when taking care of your students is their happiness, and the free time they should be allotted. And one of the best ways to take care of both of these challenges in one go is to set up events in the student union.

While many student events can take place around the campus, like watching movies in the lecture halls or specific events that depend on what classes you have available, unlocking the student union provides you with ten quality events. Many of them are music related and require a stage to be unlocked, but they're worth getting.

10 Open Mic

The Open Mic is probably the worst event that you can put on for your students because of the bonuses that comes with it and the music that your students produce. The bonuses produced are an increase in the entertainment stat for your students after completing the event that only lasts around 30 days at most.

And while this event from the outside looks like it would be great to have your students become more active in events, upon taking a closer look, you can see that it's just not great to listen to either. Most of the performances are of two students who get up on stage and begin humming for a couple of minutes.

9 Ripped Chords

Two Point Campus, upon launch, had one band that everyone was greeted by when opening up the game, Ripped Chords. Some of their songs are also used in promotional material, and media outlets like YouTube and Twitch have certainly made their music the most well-known on this list. Unfortunately, the student union uses this same song.

The song in question is called "Four Short Of A Pass," and it's not by any means a bad song, but for a student union event, you would think there would be more variety. And the event only boosts ten percent movement speed and twenty percent of happiness, making it one of the lowest-ranking events to schedule.

8 Student Union Party

After you make your student union, you can immediately throw a party as it is the only event you can throw without a stage, and its bonuses are not bad either. The bonuses increase movement speed by ten percent and happiness to all students who attend by an increase of thirty percent, making it an excellent starting event if you don't have enough room to place a stage.

Part of the fun about the SU Party event is the music that comes out of it, a mixture of surf rock and loud trumpets blaring in the background. It's a very well-made mix that adds to the game atmosphere and the partying atmosphere in the student union.

7 Honour Rollers

Honour Rollers feels like a weird attempt at hip-hop mixed with lofi music, and it doesn't hit its mark, nor does it completely whiff it. The bonuses provided are a ten percent increase in movement speed and a thirty percent increase in happiness. Still, despite that, other options are better with the same bonuses.

Many of the songs that Honour Rollers have include sounds like cars going off, a record disc scratching, static noise, and in the case of the student union song "Front-Row Freak-Out," what sounds to be like bubbles. The downbeat haunting feeling of the music also makes it come off as something made for Halloween and doesn't work very well on campus.

6 DJ Sue Chef

When you're first introduced to DJ Sue Chef, it's in the second level of the campaign where you teach students gastronomy on the Piazza Lanatra campus. One of the songs that are constantly playing in the background is this next student union song. In terms of bonuses, you get ten percent movement speed and thirty percent happiness.

The song chosen for DJ Sue Chef to perform in front of the students is called "Food On The Streets (Crumb In My Sheets)." While it's not the best song from DJ Sue Chef in the soundtrack like "The Synthetic Student," it's still a good piece to listen to when playing in sandbox or on other levels.

5 Alchemical Friendship

Alchemical Friendship is a very mellowed-out band that performs in the student union and the campaign's wizardry level. While the bonuses produced for students are the same as the band Ripped Chords, they make up for it with the soundtrack they bring for you and the students to enjoy.

And what plays in the student union is the song "Fat Rat Mellow," also alluding to the calm and gentle nature of their songs that can easily be played in the background. Their other songs are "How Many Are There?" and "Supernormal, Supernatural," which are a bit more upbeat but still great additions to listen to.

4 Helium Baboon

One of the most fascinating bands to play in the student union is the band called Helium Baboon. The bonuses you can pick up from listening to this band play are increased movement speed by ten percent and happiness by thirty percent for thirty days. The only restriction is that your campus must at least be level five, which is easily obtainable.

Songs in the soundtrack for Helium Baboon are a mix between soft rock and alternative rock, which gives it a fascinating blend that works almost perfectly for management-building games. The song played is called "Happy Slackin' And Hacky Sackin'," which, while it doesn't fit the mood of a party going on, is excellent to listen to in the background.

3 Jasmine Odyssey

Many fans of the Two Point series will recognize Jasmine Odyssey as one of the bands that play on the soundtrack for Two Point Hospital. The song they choose to be the event is "A Nice Smelling Face." The bonuses for this event are the best in the game, with a ten percent increase in movement speed and a fifty percent increase in happiness.

However, there is one major downside, and that is that it requires at least a level 12 campus. Getting to a campus that high of a level is only possible by playing in sandbox or flooding your campus with decorations in the last levels of the campaign. It's a great song to listen to, with the vocalist Sophie Worsley being excellent, but it's not something easily obtainable in the game.

2 Boogie Knights

Boogie Knights is a band you would not expect, considering it's originating in a medieval knight school, but it pulls it off and is a fantastic event for multiple reasons. The first reason is the bonus stats that go with it, ten percent movement speed increase and forty percent happiness improvement, which are some of the best in the student union. The only downside is that it requires your campus to be level eight.

But the second reason is the funk music that this band produces. Each song out of the Boogie Knights, especially "Let's Lance" and "Flunked Out," sound like classic textbook-made funk songs that you can groove and listen to casually in and outside the game.

1 Shoegraze

In a tie with Boogie Knights, Shoegraze is easily one of the best bands in the game, and that is easily said for the student union as well. It's a classic rock band that covers all bases with their songs. The song "Dorm Till Dusk" is a classic rock song with a great electric guitar, "Is This Seat Taken?" combines rock and electric music perfectly, and "Number Two Pencil" is a nice downbeat rock song.

The bonuses given to students are also great, with a ten percent movement speed increase and forty percent happiness boost, with the only downside being the campus level requirement at eight. Overall you can't go wrong with songs by Shoegraze, and the bonuses are some of the best in the student union.

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