Twitch Streamer Ibai Sets New Concurrent Viewers Record Of 3.3 Million

Streamer Ibai Llanos Garatea has set a new Twitch record for most concurrent views with a 3.35 million peak, nearly one million more than the previous record of 2.5 million.

That previous record was held by TheGrefg but Ibai toppled it during his La Velada Del Año II boxing event over the weekend (thanks, Eurogamer). In that time, he managed to get 400,000 more followers, hitting 11 million in total.

This makes Ibai the fifth most-followed creator on the platform, but it doesn't stop there. He also gained 45,172 new subscribers during the event, meaning that he has the most amount of active subscribers on Twitch right now at around 119,000. It's not quite the all-time peak, but it's certainly close at sixth.

If you don't know, La Velada Del Año II translated to English means The Night of the Year 2 and it's a big event on Twitch. The first garnered Ibai over 1.5 million views which is what prompted the second as Ibai promised that if it reached just one million views, he'd run another.

It pitted Carola against Spursito, Ari Gameplays against Paracetamor, Momo against Viruzz, Luzu against Lolito, and David Bustamante against Mr Jagger. These were streamed on Ibai's own channel, hence the boost to his follower and subscriber count.

TheGrefg's record of 2.5 million meanwhile was set last January. He streamed a reveal of his in-game Fortnite Icon skin with millions tuning in to see. The record prior to that was 1.1 million, held by ELEAGUE TV. What will shatter this new record—which is triple that of ELEAGUE TV's—is up in the air right now, but maybe we'll see Ibai break his own record next year.

In other news, Super Smash Bros. Melee pro player Hungrybox came fifth in the CEO 2022 tournament but only took home $75, a low prize in comparison to other events. He mused "someone teach me Brawlhalla" on Twitter. But maybe he should pivot to boxing, eh?

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