Twitch Chat Makes Resident Evil 4 Playthrough Unbearable With Random Modifiers

Resident Evil 4 isn't the hardest game in the world, especially if you're playing on Easy or Normal. Things get a lot tougher when you select Professional as your difficulty level, making enemies tougher, faster, and deal more damage while simultaneously making ammo drops much less common. But even Professional mode pales in comparison to what Twitch streamer Bawkbasoup did for his latest playthrough of Resident Evil 4.

Rather than just perform a casual let's play of RE4, Bawkbasoup installed the CrowdControl mod to his game. This allows his Twitch chat to donate points/bits to take control of various elements of gameplay. For example, Leon could be shrunken down to the size of a shoe or blown up until he's as big as some of Resident Evil 4's giant enemies. Players can also give him health, take away ammo, freeze him in place, or turn Leon inside out.

The mod also can cause Bawkbasoup to just drop dead at any moment. Or worse yet, restart the whole game right from the beginning.

Things get even worse when you consider the mod can also make enemies huge, small, super fast, super slow, invincible, or invisible at any moment. It's like play Resident Evil 4 on the hardest possible difficulty because everything is random. Even the helpful arms dealer can be shrunken down without any warning.

And while the whole thing must undoubtedly be very frustrating for Bawkbasoup, it's extremely fun watching a teeny tiny Leon stab his way through giant cultists who actually can't hit him while he's so small. If 40 minutes of antics aren’t enough, Bawkbasoup uses the same mod to make his playthrough of the original Resident Evil a living hell.

In other Resident Evil news, we found out last week that Resident Evil Village is going to be a PS VR2 launch title and it'll be free DLC for everyone who already owns the game. You won't have to wait long as the PS VR2 launches on February 22, 2023.

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