TV Show Inspired By Ghost Of Tsushima Comes Out Next Week

Our dreams of a cinematic, live-action Ghost of Tsushima series may be out of reach for now, but the game’s real-life inspirations are being showcased in the meantime. Popular Japanese show “Sekai Fushigi Hakken!” (Discover the World’s Mysteries) will dedicate its 1,576th episode to exploring Tsushima Island, and will air on November 21.

Presented by Japanese actress Yui Kitamura, the show is set to unlock the mysteries and showcase the natural beauty of Tsushima Island. Centered around Kitamura’s love of video games, the actress wanted to experience a handful of activities featured in the acclaimed RPG — which has sold over 5 million copies — such as riding a native Taishu horse and visiting a shrine via kayak. The show will also be narrated by Solid Snake voice actor Akio Otsuka  and will hopefully appear on YouTube for Western viewers soon.

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Kitamura will also be visiting the Mount Shiratake shrine and Takashima in the Nagasaki prefecture, the latter of which is home to preserved relics of the Mongol invasion as well as a recently discovered shipwreck. Posting on the show’s official website, Kitamura mentioned her fondness of samurai games, which she said were mostly set in the Sengoku period; a time of civil unrest between 1467 to 1615. Kitamura expressed her enthusiasm for Ghost of Tsuhsima transpiring in the Kamakura period, which was a refreshing setting for her to enjoy and explore.

Tsushima Island is located between Honshu and Kyushu off the Japanese mainland, and is prone to regular monsoons. Primarily covered in forest, Tsushima Island is home to beautiful flora — including the iconic Yoshino cherry trees — and active wildlife, such as hawks, eagles, leopard cats, and honey bees. Mythology says Tsushima Island was created by the Shinto deities Izanagi and Izanami; a husband and wife representing the last of the seven generations of primordial deities. As we know from the game, Tsushima Island suffered catastrophic Mongol invasions between 1274 and 1281, where a large number of civilians died.

Ghost of Tsushima is rich with Japanese culture, history and mythology, and developer Sucker Punch could already be working on its successor. If you want to experience Tsushima Island first-hand, the game is now available to play on the PS5 complete with the next-gen Game Boost.

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