Troy Baker Wants To Direct Or Star In Daredevil Game

There are a lot of superhero games in development right now, many of which we still know very little about, and perhaps even a few we haven't even heard about at all. Troy Baker is hopeful one of the latter is a Daredevil game, recently speaking of his love for the Marvel character and his desire to either star in or direct a game in which he's the star.

Speaking at Milan Games Week (via IGN) Baker revealed he's had the chance to speak to Daredevil actor Charlie Cox and relay his love to him for how he portrayed the Marvel hero. During that, he spoke about wanting to do the same for the character in the video game world. “I want to either A, play Matt Murdock in a game, or I want to direct the game,” Baker said.

“The reason why we play games is because that character can do something that I can’t,” Baker went on to say. “That is what really intrigues me about making that game, and it would be a big challenge for me as an actor, to be able to play someone who was not sighted.”

Baker adds that his other comic book love is Batman, someone he has voiced in multiple games including Lego Batman 2 and Telltale's own rendition. However, what Baker is best known for in the video game world is voicing Joel in The Last Of Us. The bulk of the interview above has Baker discussing how his viewpoint on what Joel did at the end of the first game has changed since he had a child. When he first recorded his lines for the game he didn't agree, but now he has a child of his own, he completely understands why Joel did what he did.

As for Baker's dream of either voicing Daredevil or directing a Daredevil game, the success of the multiple upcoming Marvel games might dictate that. Midnight Suns launches next week, Insomniac has Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine coming next year, and EA is working on an Iron Man game. There's also a Captain America and Black Panther team-up game set in World War 2 in the works at Amy Hennig's studio, Skydance.

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