Tower Of Fantasy: All Travel Log Locations In Astra

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Exploration is one of the core parts of Tower Of Fantasy and it has a lot of rewards in store, including the currency required to summon and get yourself some nice Simulacra and weapons that can aid you in both PVE and PVP. Although, some of its required elements can be significantly hard.

Travel logs or scenic points are one of these things that can be particularly annoying to find as most of them are located in areas where you wouldn't usually go. While the game gives you hints on where to find them, they can still have you scratching your head. That's why we'll go over the locations of travel logs in Astra.

Travel Log Location #1

Astra is the first region that you'll be in as soon as you start the game. This is the only unlockable region until you get Jetboard, even though you can cheese your way to the other areas. There are five travel log locations in Astra, and the first one takes you to the world boss Robarg.

Teleport to the Spacerift on the eastern side of Robarg head directly North from there. After a little trip, you'll see this travel log sitting on a log. This is signified by a white aura with an eye on top of it. Head over to it and interact with it to get your first travel log in Astra.

Travel Log Location #2

This travel log can be an absolute pain to acquire if you teleport to the wrong place. Head over to the Spacerift towards the left of Astra Cemetery and climb the rocks on the East side. Once you've reached the top, keep heading in this direction until you reach the edge.

On the other side, you will see two slim rock pillars. To find this travel log, you need to glide to the farther pillar using your Jetpack. You can stop at the pillar nearby and recharge your energy if you need to.

Travel Log Location #3

To get to this point without dealing with having to climb a huge cliff, teleport to the Astra Omnium Tower and glide in the Southeastern direction. You'll also see a spherical balloon on your way that you can use to rest.

Get to the cliff at the exact location shown in the picture above, and you'll find this travel log sitting at the very edge, and it'll capture a beautiful scene, getting you the third travel log in Astra.

Travel Log Location #4

For this travel log, teleport to the Spacerift in Astra Shelter — this is the first Spacerift you will unlock with Shirli's help. Once you're there, go towards the western side a little and look up, you'll see a green plus sign above. Climb directly in this direction, and you'll find the fourth travel log.

Travel Log Location #5

To get your final travel log, head back to the Spacerift in the shelter and go in the northeastern direction this time. You'll have to climb a bunch of rocks to find this at the edge beside a melodic mushroom puzzle. This finishes your collection of travel logs in Astra, getting you closer to reaching 100 percent exploration.

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