Time To Clean Out Your Vault—Transmog Will Be Collections-Based In Destiny 2

Transmog has been a discussion topic for Destiny 2 players practically since the game started. Currently, altering the look of your Guardian requires special Ornaments that are often based on seasonal activities, but what players really want is to mix and match every armor piece in the game without ruining their perfect stats.

Earlier this year, game director Luke Smith let everyone know that armor transmog was a feature that is coming to Destiny 2, but he was cagey with the details. We didn’t know whether a desired piece of armor would need to be in a player’s inventory or if it could be drawn directly from Collections (which is like a player-focused wiki of every item they’ve ever collected in the game).

That’s changed as of today. In an interview with Twitch Gaming, Smith told armor-hoarding Destiny 2 fans exactly what they wanted to hear: transmog will pull armor from collections with no need to actually have the armor in your inventory.

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This is big news for fans looking to spice up their looks without hoarding hundreds of armor pieces. Now we can all go into our vaults to clean them out in preparation for the next season knowing that we’ll still be able to turn that armor into beautiful ornaments when transmog arrives.

We’re still not sure when transmog will arrive, but it definitely won’t be with Beyond Light. It’ll be in a later season, so the transmog watch begins at Season 13.

Transmog might’ve been the big news, but Smith dropped a few more tidbits about Beyond Light. It’ll be bigger than Shadowkeep, but not quite as big as Forsaken. Thermal weapons will help stave off the extreme cold of Europa’s nasty weather, and vendors are all getting a complete refresh with the new expansion.

Beyond Light arrives on November 10.

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