This Streamer Is Still Learning About Pokemon – Watching Them See Their First Shiny Tyrunt Is Amazingly Wholesome

With 2020 finally drawing to an end, it is nice to end this garbage-fire of a year with some truly “feel good” content. Some such content comes in a video on Reddit showing a streamer’s reaction to coming across a shiny Tyrunt in Pokemon Sword and Shield for what appears to be the first time! The short clip is some of the best and most wholesome out there right now!

The video, which is posted on Reddit by the streamer (YoSoyEpic), shows them cruising through Pokemon Sword and Shield when they spot something they haven’t seen before. Proclaiming, “What the hell is this thing?”, they proceed to ram into the unknown Pokemon only to learn it is a shiny Tyrunt. The surprise of finding the shiny Pokemon coupled with the sheer joy is enough to lift anyone’s spirit.

The streamer admits he is still learning about all of the Pokemon, which is no small feat considering how many there are in the game. His new journey into the world of Pokemon, coupled with how rare Shiny Pokemon can be to find in the wild, warrant his joy. However, there is just something purely wholesome about the joy in the video over finding a Pokemon. It is such a simple thing, and yet it clearly brings a lot of joy to this streamer.

This clip is a great example of why video games are important and how they can bring joy and other positive emotions for players. Of course, Pokemon can be a double-edged sword (pun intended) sometimes. Just ask the person who spent over fifty hours hunting a Shiny Pokemon, only to be foiled by a malfunctioning Switch controller. Thankfully, nothing like that happened for this streamer.

To top off this wonderful video, the comments are filled with interactions between the streamer and some Reddit users as they discuss Shiny Raids that people can do and the like. By finding and sharing that joy, now a community of people have come together in order to share and spread that joy. Both video games and people are truly amazing sometimes!

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