This PlayStation 1 Game Was Recently Completed After Two Decades

A PlayStation 1 game has recently been completed after 20 years since the start of its development. Yes, a PlayStation 1 title.

The game is called Magic Castle, and it was a game a small team of Japanese developers were trying to bring to life in 1998. After spending eight months on the game, the team brought the title to seven big publishers, like Sony, in hopes that at least one of them would believe in their pitch. It never really got picked up in the end, but one member from the original team decided to take it upon himself to resurrect the project after finding its original source code. The developer used emulators and tied off a handful of loose ends to finish the game. The result is a game that boasts a genuine vintage aesthetic of isometric designs and lively music. There’s a Net Yaroze Europe interview with two of the game’s original developers, where they go into detail about the game’s making and how it was almost picked up by a company known for producing “famous Japanese RPG’s,” albeit it never really happened.

Those who want to play Magic Castle can download the game on Net Yaroze Europe‘s website.

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