This Doom Mod Lets You Pet And Befriend Cacodemons

If you've ever played through the original Doom and were upset you couldn't pet any of the horrible hellspawn trying to murder you, then you're in luck. A new Doom mod called FrendoCaco finally lets you give the game's iconic Cacodemons a friendly little pat on the noggin, allowing you to gain a powerful ally.

The creator of the mod, Wine_Toilet, recently showed it in action on their personal Twitter account (thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun). As can be seen in the tweet embedded below, the player simply walks up to a rather angry Cacodemon, gives them a loving pat on the head, hearts come flying out of it from every direction, and the demon proceeds to turn around and destroy three other approaching demons. For a job well done, the Cacodemon then gets another quick pat.

Best of all, the mod is actually available to download right now on ModDB if you want to pat your way to your own army of Cacodemons. All you need to get the mod working is your own copy of Ultimate Doom on Steam and you're golden. Unfortunately, the creator doesn't include any instructions on how to install the mod, so you'll probably need a bit of prior know how to get it working properly.

If you're looking for a more meta Doom experience, another modder recently reached the pinnacle of the "Doom Can Run On…" meme by getting Doom to run inside Doom itself. Hacker kgsws recently discovered an exploit that allowed them to use code executions inside the original DOS-based version of Doom 2. With this power, kgsws quickly went about making Doom playable inside Doom, setting up their own little movie theatre to play the game in.

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