There Are No More Updates Coming To 2020 Xbox Exclusive Bleeding Edge

Xbox exclusive Bleeding Edge is, after less than a year, losing support. The 4v4 melee-centric PvP game from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and DmC: Devil May Cry developer Ninja Theory launched in March 2020 to mixed reviews, with an average of 66 on Metacritic.

“With the studio now focusing on our new projects (Senua’s Saga, Project Mara, and The Insight Project), we have decided that there will be no further content updates for Bleeding Edge,” Ninja Theory stated on Twitter.

The first community tournament for the game, Maeve’s Monthly Melee, was only in November of last year, but the game losing support from the devs doesn’t necessarily mean that it will from the community, so perhaps the players will keep the torch lit.

For context, Bleeding Edge is a third-person, multiplayer Brawler that combines that fast-paced melee combat with the gameplay of a hero shooter, toppled with Borderlands and Rage 2-like visuals. However, as Jamie Latour pointed out in his review for TheGamer, its “lack of content [lead] to a lack of replayability.”

Content updates were also sparse, with the last hero addition coming in July 2020 with Azrael. Naturally, this meant that the player base began to dwindle as there wasn’t much to keep them coming back. For instance, on Steam, the game only had 8 people playing in the past 24-hours, with 3 in the past half hour as of writing this. Perhaps, with this in mind, that torch fizzled out long ago anyway.

As such, it’s possible that the reason the plug is being pulled is as they say – the team is moving onto new projects – but that is likely a result of the lack of players as, without a substantive number of players playing, how can a live-service model work?

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