The Witcher 3: How To Complete The Ugly Baby Quest

If you’re stuck somewhere along the long, convoluted path of the Ugly Baby questline, you’re not alone. This chain of quests in The Witcher 3 has muddled many a player’s senses at one point or another. That’s why we’ve mapped it all out and are here to walk you through it! In this guide, you will find handy tips and tricks for defeating the various monsters Geralt will encounter, along with how to overcome some of the more obscure obstacles he will face.

Ugly Baby

Following Ciri’s trail in Skellige, Geralt will discover that she and an elven mage were fleeing the wild hunt and disappeared upon a narrow escape. He’ll also learn of a strange baby-like monstrosity later appearing at the site of the duo’s disappearance. When searching for Ciri in the intended order, Geralt will have already met Uma at Crow’s Perch in Velen and connect him to the creature that appeared in Skellige, thus beginning the Ugly Baby quest.

Collecting Uma

Geralt’s first objective will be to collect Uma from Crow’s Perch. If you haven’t completed the ‘Return to Crookback Bog‘ quest, return to the Baron and ask to take Uma. If Geralt’s already gone with the Baron to Crookback Bog, then he will need to talk to the Baron’s Sergeant. Either way, he will find one of the two in the Baron’s office at Crow’s Perch.

Next, head over to the stables to the right of the Baron’s building, and tell the stablemaster standing outside that you are taking Uma. After a bit of dialogue, a cut scene will trigger, and Geralt will set off for Kaer Morhen with Uma. As they’re approaching the keep, Geralt will be stopped by Nilfgaardian troops and taken to an impatient Emperor Emhyr. Geralt will need to convince Emhyr that Uma is a solid lead in finding Ciri before he can continue on to Kaer Morhen with Uma.

Arriving in Kaer Morhen

The first objective once arriving at Kaer Morhen will be to see Yenn in the keep, which will start a chain of additional quests you’ll need to complete before you’re able to resume ‘Ugly Baby.’ The quests ‘Disturbance,’ ‘To Bait A Forktail,’ and ‘The Final Trial‘ are prerequisites to the final link in the chain, ‘No Place Like Home,‘ and can be completed in any order. However, ‘Disturbance’ sets the stage for the other two.

As a side note, you’ll likely stumble across a dilapidated bed on your way into the keep that has been discarded into the middle of the inner courtyard. Upon examination, you’ll find Triss’s earring, which you can return to her later if you wish.


Geralt will find Yenn in the guest room in the tower of the keep. She will be out of sorts due to a malfunctioning Megascope, and possibly because of some stray red hairs she found from a previous guest. Regardless, Yennefer will task Geralt with finding the disturbance, giving him the equipable quest item, a Potestaquisitor. This contraption will emit stronger vibrations as it nears a source of a magical disturbance.

Be warned, if you chose to romance Triss, didn’t complete ‘The Last Wish,’ or rejected Yenn at the end of that quest, her temper is apt to flare if Geralt pushes her too far about the bed in the courtyard.  If that happens, it will start an abrupt altercation in which Yennefer teleports Geralt mid-air above the lake near Kaer Morhen. Now sodden to the bone with his pride thoroughly doused, Geralt will need to return to Yennefer to resume the quest.

Using the Potestaquisitor

Go down to the main hall of the keep to activate the Potestaquisitor and begin hunting for the source of the disturbance. It will react strongest near Uma, leading you to believe he may be the cause, but it is actually the crates near him that are full of Dimeritium bombs. The crates are to the left of the cage near Uma and Vesemir.

Once Geralt discovers them, Vesemir will clear the bombs for you, tasking Geralt to keep an eye on Uma. Once Vesemir returns, go back up to let Yennefer know the disturbance has been taken care of.

The Megascope Call

Geralt will then join Yennefer on the Megascope call to Ida Emean aep Sivney. There are a few right and wrong answers Geralt can give during this call, but they are relatively inconsequential, earning Geralt a reprimand from Yenn after the call if he didn’t ‘behave.’ This doesn’t affect their relationship in the long term, so it’s up to you whether you’re up for another bout with the hot-tempered sorceress. The quest will complete after this cut scene.

To Bait A Forktail

Yennefer isn’t through ordering Geralt around. Now she needs Forktail spinal fluid for an ingredient. Naturally, she enlists Geralt to track down Eskell, who is already on the hunt, and help him complete the job faster.

Tracking Down Eskell

Starting at Kaer Morhen’s fast travel point, use Geralt’s witcher senses to pick up horse tracks and begin following the trail. The tracks will lead to Eskell’s horse, where Geralt should scan the area using his witcher senses again.

He’ll find a set of goat prints this time, then follow the lead onward. The prints will die out amidst rocky terrain, and he will need to pick up the goat’s scent by examining a nearby tree to continue following the trail. The scent will lead to another set of footprints and finally Eskell.

Fighting The Forktail

If you’re having trouble taking down the Forktail, Geralt can knock it out of the sky using the crossbow, Grapeshot bombs, or a well-timed Aard sign. Watch out for the draconid’s poisoned tail. The Golden Oriole potion can negate the poison’s effects, so drink one at the start of the battle to prepare.

You’ll want to attack from the side if possible and be ready to dodge. Coating Geralt’s blade in Draconid Oil will help swiftly deplete the creature’s heath.

The Forktail flees at 50% vitality. Track it down with Geralt’s witcher senses by following its blood trail and finish it off.

Racing Eskell

Geralt can refuse or accept Eskell’s proposition of a race back to Kaer Morhen. There’s no harm, no foul if he declines or loses the race. However, Eskell offers Geralt 200 bonus exp, the Hanged Man’s Venom manuscript, and the relic tier Mountain Folk Boots if Geralt wins. Regardless of how he gets there, ‘To Bait A Forktail’ will successfully complete once back at Kaer Morhen.

The Final Trial

Yennefer tasked a begrudging Lambert with preparing the Phylactery, which requires filling it with energy from the Circle of Elements. Talk to Lambert in the main hall when you’re ready, then follow him down to the lakeside near Kaer Morhen.

Boat Troubles

The two witchers will have to relocate Lambert’s boat, which has drifted from where he left it. You’ll find it northwest of the location Lambert initially had it moored, and before you can climb aboard, Geralt and Lambert will be set upon by a pack of Drowners. Dispatch them easily with Igni or the pure taste of silver. A Water Hag comes next, which Geralt can also take down with Igni. If it’s giving you more trouble than you bargained for, try Northern Wind bomb and coating your blade in Necrophage Oil.

After dealing with the monster onslaught, the witchers can now safely board the boat. Lambert is possessive of his little dinghy, so Geralt should take up a seat on the passenger side.

A Cry For Help

They’ll hear a boy scream when they reach the other side of the lake. Spoiler alert: It’s a trap. Geralt can take Lambert’s advice and ignore it or choose to investigate. Investigation proves it’s a trap, and they’ll have to fight the Foglets that laid it. Moondust bombs help keep track of the pesky buggars, and Quen will protect against their sudden attacks. Recoat Geralt’s blade in Necorphage Oil to make quicker work of them.

The Cave

This cave was part of a trial Lambert was subjected to alongside another young witcher. He will inform Geralt a cyclops known as Old Speartip dwells here. Geralt can choose to avoid waking him by not casting Aard on the breakable walls and climb the nearby ledges instead.

If you chose that option, the witchers come upon a sleeping Old Speartip, and Lambert will want to ensure “he never wakes up.” Unfortunately, he does if Geralt tries to sneak up on him, and you’ll need to slay him. As a cyclops, Speartip’s classified as an Orgroid and is thus susceptible to Orgroid oil and Axii. Keeping that Quen sign up is a smart idea too. Otherwise, skirt around him and exit the cave.

Diplomacy With Trolls

The witchers will encounter some Trolls after exiting the cave. The first conversation with Trolls will be ruined by Lambert’s big mouth regardless of whether Geralt tries to make nice. You’ll need to run to a nearby cave and access it by using Aard.

The next time Geralt talks to the trolls, they’ll give the witchers the ultimatum of leaving their swords to ensure they mean no harm. Otherwise, the Trolls will become hostile. The witchers don’t need their swords at the Circle of Elements, and they are returned to them afterward, so it’s your choice.

As a side note, if you choose to leave the swords and Geralt follows the trolls after the dialogue finishes, they will lead him to their den, which has some loot. They’ll warn you not to go in, and it’s recommended not to go against their will as they will attack, and defeating them will be difficult without swords. However, they won’t object to Geralt entering the cave after returning from the Circle of Elements, so definitely drop in for the free loot!

The Circle of Elements

At the Circle of Elements, all you have to do is light the candles and place the Phylactery, then talk with Lambert as it charges. By choosing to stay a little longer rather than automatically traveling back to Kaer Morhen with Lambert, Geralt can loot the trolls’ cave. Either way, ‘The Final Trial’ is now complete.

No Place Like Home

With preparations now complete, Vesemir takes Uma to attempt lifting the curse himself before letting Yennefer proceed with her plan. So this quest is all about killing time until he returns.

The witchers, along with Yennefer, will choose to spend the time drinking and catching up. Yennefer reveals during the conversation, if Vesemir fails, she plans to conduct The Trial of The Grasses on Uma, the alchemical experiment that causes a witcher’s mutations.

There are several dialogue options throughout the conversation, to which Geralt may respond how he wishes until Yennefer pulls him aside. If you completed ‘The Last Wish’ and professed true feelings for Yennefer, there is optional dialogue to accept her proposition to sneak off for an intimate moment. If you rejected Yenn or did not complete the quest, there is no option for another romp with her.

They will then return to the group and later excuse themselves if Geralt took the corresponding actions prior. Geralt will return to the group after their escapade and get progressively drunk with the boys. Eventually, he can choose to go to bed or keep talking. It’s recommended to keep talking a while longer as Geralt will be rewarded XP shortly after.

If you keep talking, Lambert eventually suggests using the megascope to call some sorceresses to the party. Geralt again has the option to go to sleep or go through with Lambert’s poorly thought out plan. Though it’s a dumb idea, it’s worthwhile to keep the party going as it leads to one of the funniest cut scenes of the entire game and has no real consequences. Without giving too much away, if you end up deciding to crossdress, do-so manually so as not to risk losing Geralt’s actual armor in his drunken stupor. Whenever Geralt calls it a night — or Yennefer puts an end to their antics — ‘No Place Like Home’ will complete.

Completing Ugly Baby

Once Vesemir returns, Geralt will be tasked with brewing the Decoction of The Grasses. If he’s missing any of the ingredients, he will find them all in a nearby chest. Then simply brew the potion via the alchemy tab and bring it to Yennefer. At long last, ‘Ugly Baby’ will be complete after the ritual’s through.

Don’t be too hasty in starting this long winding path. Along with passing up Yennefer’s ‘The Last Wish’ quest, which subsequently fails to romance her, collecting Uma from Crow’s Perch also auto-fails Lambert’s ‘Following The Thread.’ So be sure Geralt has accomplished these ventures before setting out on this journey.

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