The Witcher 3: How To Complete Shock Therapy

Not every quest in the Witcher 3 has to be filled with monsters, criminals, and swords. Sometimes, the game likes to throw in a fun one to break up the intense atmosphere of the in-game world, typically as a small, short side quest. Shock Therapy, a side quest you can pick up in Skellige, is a quest like this. However, that fun comes at the expense of another person, albeit not to your knowledge until the end.

While in Skellige, you may come across this quest near Gedyneith, the sacred tree that the druids can be found near. Complete it to earn a powerful and useful Gwent card, and maybe a bit of a chuckle for your own spirits. Here’s everything you’ll need to know to complete the secondary quest Shock Therapy.

How to Activate

This quest is pretty easy to activate. Head to Gedyneith, the sacred tree on Skellige, and look for a druid near a cave beckoning to you. After speaking with him, you’ll learn that another druid by the name of Egill has become mute. He’ll say that Egill needs to be cured of his ailment and that he would like your help with the matter.

This druid feels that Geralt can help with a bit of a scare since “traditional” methods had failed to get Egill speaking again. Agree to the quest and you’ll be tasked with giving him a fright.

After the conversation, the quest Shock Therapy will begin and be added to your quest log.

Scare Egill

Head over to Egill, who is nearby meandering around in his workspace. He can be spoken to, but he’ll just respond mostly with a blank stare. Naturally, he won’t say anything to you with actual words. He will, however, speak to you with body language instead, flipping Geralt off with a stern middle finger.

Using your Witcher Senses (which seems like a bit of overkill for this simple task), you can find three different methods for giving him a fright. However, you’ll have to choose the right one based on what Egill is currently doing.

If Egill is resting on the mat, use a blast of Aard on the pots near it. If he’s warming himself near the fire, extinguish it with a snap of your fingers. If he’s near the ledge praying, give a blast of Aard to the hornet’s nest nearby, causing them to go after him.

The Result

If you manage to complete all three tasks properly and frighten poor Egill all three times, you’ll break his silence. He’ll grow so frustrated that he lashes out at Geralt with some choice words, basically cussing him out for disturbing him so much. It seems he wasn’t mute at all, and instead had taken a vow of silence for religious reasons. Oops!

From here, he storms off, angry, to confront the druid who gave you the quest.

Return to that druid yourself (he’ll be in a cave nearby). You have a few choices of dialogue here while the druid laughs, but which one you choose doesn’t have any bearing on the quest. Once you finish the conversation, the quest will complete, and you’ll earn 75 experience points and the Iorveth Gwent card.

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