The Sims 4: How To Manage Your Werewolf Fury

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  • Be Aware Of Your Temperaments
  • Choose Your Abilities Wisely
  • Brew Up Some Moonpetal Punch
  • Renounce Your Lycanthropy With Wolf-B-Gone

With so many ways to get your fur ruffled in The Sims 4 Werewolves, you will find that the trickiest part of lycanthropy is managing your ever-mounting Fury. Some abilities can help stave off the hunger within, but it'll take a lot more than Somber Howl to keep transformations at bay.

If you're finding your wolf goes on the rampage far too often and is making itself a nuisance, this guide will help you keep that beast on a tighter leash so that you can turn this curse into a blessing. (Sort of.)

Be Aware Of Your Temperaments

Your Fury is not only governed by the moon's phases, but by any Temperaments you have acquired since becoming a werewolf. As you navigate your new life and earn randomised Temperaments, red icons will be shown just below the orb-shaped Fury bar in your Needs menu.

Temperaments influence how quickly your wolf builds up Fury, usually in accordance with your wolf's mood or Needs. For example, if your werewolf has the Carnivore Temperament, it will gain Fury after eating anything except raw meat. On the other hand, if you have the unfortunate Wolf Brain Temperament, you will rapidly gain Fury whilst carrying out tasks that build or require Logic skill as your inner wolf struggles to comprehend more complex ways of thinking. You can even fall prey to the Anti-Capitalist Canine Temperament, which causes a surge in Fury when your wolf is forced to go to work like one of those puny humans.

Whilst these can be a hassle, as the only way around Temperaments is to simply avoid doing things that trigger your hot temper, you can reshuffle your Temperaments once per full moon cycle using the Lunar Howl ability at Apex Rank. And speaking of abilities…

Choose Your Abilities Wisely

Certain unlockable werewolf skills can be invaluable in the battle against your boiling blood, causing your oncoming Fury to either stop in its tracks or empty.

Useful AbilityHow It Combats Fury
Somber HowlSelecting Somber Howl reduces a portion of built-up Fury, but gives your wolf a Sad moodlet for a few hours in return.

Make sure you don't have the Feels Outcasted or Wracked With Guilt Temperaments, as Somber Howl could backfire by making you gain Fury due to sadness!

Wolf NapWhen in Wolf Form, select "Sleep Under The Moon" at the top of Howling Point to regress your Fury entirely!
Lunar Howl
  • Mark Of The Hunt slows Fury gain and Hunger Need erosion.
  • Mark Of The Wolf slows Fury gain and Social Need erosion.
  • Mark Of The Moon slows Fury gain and Energy Need erosion.
  • Mark Of The Forest slows Fury gain and Fun Need erosion.
Lunar ResistanceThis ability grants you resistance from extra Fury gained passively during the full moon phases.

Quick Ways To Earn Werewolf Ability Points In The Sims 4 Werewolves

  • Let yourself wolf out! Howling, scratching, marking your territory, and scavenging in the dirt… everything builds Fury and ability points whilst in Wolf Form. If you want to keep your neighbours safe, lock the door of your house and let that Fury rip. Alternatively, if you have unlocked the dormant ability Transformation Mastery, you can transform at will.
  • Join a Pack! Whether you choose The Wildfangs or The Moonwood Collective, interacting with your Packmates is a great way to boost those points. Sparring with your cohorts gets the blood pumping, but if you're more a lover than a fighter then a few chats about Werewolf Experiences can be just as helpful.
  • Complete a Werewolf Aspiration! There are four branches of the Werewolf Aspiration to complete: Lone Wolf, Emissary Of The Collective, Wildfang Renegade, or Cure Seeker. Each of these help to build aspiration points as well as ability points, offering a double dose of benefits to anyone looking to climb Ranks in hurry.

Brew Up Some Moonpetal Punch

With the Scavenging and Enhanced Smell abilities unlocked, your werewolf has the chance to dig up The Diary Of Greggorius Lunvik anywhere in Moonwood Mill.

This mysterious tome was penned by a certain aggressive townie (hint: have you met Greg yet?), and it will teach you how to create a delicious Fury-defying hot drink made using special rare flowers.

Gather these precious posies atop Howling Point on the night of the full moon and then take them to a bar to craft Moonpetal Punch: a scrumptious beverage that provides a decent, albeit temporary, reduction in Fury levels.

When there is no full moon overhead, your Sim can sometimes find Moonpetals whilst fishing in the lake – as well as Luna Fish!

Renounce Your Lycanthropy With Wolf-B-Gone

If werewolf life is not the raucous fun you were expecting, and you're ready to bid adieu to your claws and burgeoning Fury altogether, you'll still need to put the legwork in to cure yourself.

You can gather the necessary ingredients for Wolf-B-Gone with the help of The Diary of Greggorius Luvnik – as long as you have unlocked the Lunar Epiphany dormant ability. This ability will allow your Sim to decipher the enchanted pages of Greg's long-buried diary, revealing the items needed to brew the Cure: ten Wolfsbane flowers and three Moonpetals.

Bring these items to The Grimtooth Bar & Bunker in Moonwood Mill town centre, hand them over to the bartender, and wait for your inner wolf to retreat for good. You'll be awarded the Werewolf Ally trait as a lifelong memento of your stint as a lycan – and you can always hunt down another Cursed Bite if you get nostalgic, of course.

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