The Sims 4: How To Become A Werewolf

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  • Born This Way — Create-A-Sim Or Werewolf Parentage Method
  • Bite Me — Cursed Bite Method
  • Fight For Your Right To Party! — Provoke Greg Method

The curse (or blessing) of lycanthropy rears its fuzzy head in the much-anticipated The Sims 4 game pack, Werewolves. With werewolves last seen prowling about in The Sims 3: Supernatural, Simmers who favour the occult types will be keen to devour the lore of the land as they navigate Moonwood Mill's rivaling werewolf Packs, explore dormant abilities and temperaments, and manage their Sims' curious new taste for consuming… well, everything.

Whether you opt to go rogue or remain a lawful lycan, there are three ways to become a werewolf in The Sims 4 – and this guide will walk you through each one.

Born This Way — Create-A-Sim Or Werewolf Parentage Method

The simplest way to become a werewolf is to create one in the Create A Sim menu. To do this, simply click on the "Add Occult" button when you hover over the Add Family Member icon in Create A Sim, and then click "Add Werewolf" at the bottom of the occult menu. Now you can customise your wolf form as you wish by painting your fur, giving yourself some cool piercings, and customising your outfits at leisure.

Alternatively, your non-wolf Sim can make a werewolf the old-fashioned way by having a child with a werewolf Sim. This gives their baby a 50 percent chance of being born a true child of the moon. This likelihood increases to 100 percent if both parents are werewolves, so hold off on buying that high chair until you check out the methods below.

Bite Me — Cursed Bite Method

Just like with vampire Sims, you can ask for a werewolf to turn you into one of their kind. For them to do this, you'll want to make sure that your relationship is high enough – they will reject your request otherwise – and that they have the Cursed Bite ability unlocked in their abilities tree.

Most NPC werewolves you see milling about Moonwood Mill should have this ability by default, but you will especially want to try sucking up to the Alphas of either of the two local werewolf Packs: Kristopher Volkov of The Moonwood Collective or Rory Oaklow of The Wildfangs. Your human Sims can butter up either Pack Leader to acquire a Friend Of… Trait, meaning increased relationship gain with all Pack members as well as cushy clubhouse perks. Congrats! You're inching your way up the werewolf food-chain, fast on your way to becoming a lycanthrope yourself.

Fight For Your Right To Party! — Provoke Greg Method

If you don't want to graft for your spot as one of the Big Dogs, the easiest way to acquire a Cursed Bite is to provoke Moonwood Mill's resident mean boy, Greg.

Reclusive, angry, and very prone to gnawing on any intruders, Greg is an NPC who lives just across the lake from The Moonwood Collective's clubhouse.

Whilst fighting any werewolf could result in receiving the Cursed Bite, it would take additional time for your humble human Sim to acquire a low enough relationship in order to pick a fight with them at The Bar. Greg, however, hates everyone straight off the bat – and is more than happy to give you a nasty chomp on the arm to ensure you don't forget it in a hurry.

To incur Greg's wrath, travel to his small shack just to the left and across the lake from Howling Point, a mountain nearby The Moonwood Collective where your Sim will awaken after their first night Rampaging as a newborn werewolf. When you click on the large signs outside his domain, select "Inspect Warning Signs" and wait for Greg to come loping around the corner. He's easily spotted as a white wolf with grey markings, constantly surrounded by a glowing red aura to indicate his persistently-high Fury levels.

Your Sim might try to leg it in the opposite direction, but cancel this action and instead select "Provoke" from the menu after clicking on Greg. After a brief smackdown, your Sim will emerge very much scathed by the Big Bad Wolf – and with the Wererabies moodlet to boot.

Once this illness passes, your Sim will have transformed into a fully-fledged werewolf!

The Three Stages Of Wererabies In The Sims 4 Werewolves, Explained

  1. Wererabies: A four-hour Anger moodlet in which your Sim starts frothing at the mouth.
  2. Advanced Wererabies: A Tense moodlet that allows your still-frothing Sim to attempt to click a piece of workout equipment to "Sweat Out Infection". Neglecting to sweat it out or purchase a Cure For Lycanthropy from The Bar will result in your Sim progressing to the third stage.
  3. Insatiable Hunger: Your Hunger Need will regress quicker than you can fill it, no matter how many Grand Meals you consume. After a few hours, your Needs panel will become a werewolf-specific one. The panels are almost identical except for the werewolf's slate-grey background and the presence of a Fury Metre similar to the Magical Charge Metre of a Spellcaster.

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