The Sims 4 High School Years: How The Thrift Store And Trendi Work

Learn everything there is to know about Trendi and the new thrift store added to the game. The latest addition to The Sims 4 has added a new type of shop, a bubble tea café and thrift store. Although the shop is quite small in size, there are several different activities that you can take part in if you decide to visit.

In this guide we'll go over everything there is know about the thrift store and the Trendi app – they're both interconnected since Trendi is all about thrifting as well. Keep reading to learn more.


ThrifTea is the new shop in town with the new High School Years expansion pack. Here your Sims can socialize with locals, participate in events, have a cup of bubble tea, grab some snacks and thrift for some fun new outfits.

Bubble Tea And Snacks

One of the areas at ThirfTea is a counter that sells food and drinks. If you're spending a decent chunk of time at the shop looking for some deals, your Sim will get hungry, so it's a great way to decrease their hunger. There are quite a few options for you to try, so you might want to visit from time to time and have your Sim taste test them all.

Veggie Slider10 Simoleons
Fried Chicken Slider10 Simoleons
Hamburger Slider10 Simoleons
Corndog8 Simoleons
Bubble TeaPrice
Lychee Milk Bubble Tea6 Simoleons
Mango Milk Bubble Tea6 Simoleons
Taro Milk Bubble Tea7 Simoleons
Chocolate Milk Bubble Tea with Cheese Foam8 Simoleons
Strawberry Matcha Latte Bubble Tea9 Simoleons

Events At Thriftea

Every week there are a couple of different events that you can attend at ThrifTea during the night. They're a fun way to become a part of your community. On Mondays and Fridays you can attend the ThrifTea Fashion Show, on Wednesdays there's the ThrifTea Amateur Comedy Night, and on Sundays visit the show to participate in the ThrifTea Poetry Evening.

You will receive a notification pop up once these events start so don't miss out!


Thrifting is what it's all about, knowing the trends and getting new outfits to wear every day or sell for profit. At ThrifTea, Sims can purchase clothes that they wouldn't be able to obtain simply by accessing CAS. Each day the clothes made available to customers change and when there are exclusive clothes, you'll get a notification telling you to head down to the shop if you want to get them before it's gone.

When you purchase clothes at the shop, outfits will appear in your inventory in a bag, you can then wear them or sell them on the new Trendi app.


If you're into thrifting then you'll most likely enjoy the concept of trending since you can profit off of this fun activity. Trendi is a platform that Sims can use to sell their thrift store outfits according to the latest trends.

You can access the Trendi app by opening up your Sim's phone on the left bottom corner of the screen, it's the very first app on there. On the app, you can learn about Trendi, browse Trendi, check your Trendi followers, check out what's trending at the moment, list a look, and promote a look.

To sell clothes, all you have to do is create a look using a clothing rack, name it and save it. Then, in your inventory, select the shopping bag and press the 'sell outfit on Trendi' option. You can shop for clothes at ThrifTea but once you have a buyer, you'll have to send the outfit through the mailbox, so you'll have to do it from your home lot.

If you don't want to visit the thrift store every time you wish to create an outfit, you can buy your own thrifting clothes racks from Build & Buy mode. There are two options: the Catch My Thrift Clothes Rack and Shelf and the Anything Clothes Rack.

Hype On Trendi

Hype is a very important concept on Trendi because everything revolves around it. If you want to create and sell a successful outfit you'll have to understand how Hype works and how you can manipulate it. Just like all trends, they come and go and this is no different in the world of The Sims.

If you open the Trendi app and select the 'check out the latest trends' option, you can see which trends are doing well at the moment and which ones you should avoid. But, wearing your own looks around town can make its Hype go up, especially if you have a considerable amount of followers. And, when wearing your own looks, you can visit the app and use the 'promote a look' option, which can either increase the trend's Hype or decrease it.

Followers On Trendi

You will gain Trendi followers as you sell your first outfits on Trendi, this will also increase your Entrepreneur Skill which will also make you more likely to sell more outfits. As your follower count increases, your outfits are more likely to sell, and you might want to make them more expensive as well. It's definitely possible to make a lot of money if you work at following the trends.

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