The Mandalorian Will Hunt You For Credits In Fortnite’s New LTM

A new Mandalorian LTM will land in Fortnite today via the 15.30 update where the bounty hunter will track down and eliminate the player with the most credits.

Fortnite’s 15.30 update goes live today and with it comes a brand new LTM all about The Mandalorian. Players of the Mando’s Bounty LTM will have three lives and have been tasked with using them wisely. Eliminating other players will earn you galactic credits, and there will also be players marked with a bounty puck. Eliminating them comes with a bounty bonus.

Eliminating other players for credits is only half the battle in this new LTM. After a certain amount of time has passed, Mando himself will enter the match. The powerful NPC will then be tasked with hunting down the player with the most credits. Once Mando takes them down, or someone else does and becomes the new credit leader, the bounty hunter’s attention will shift.

Fortnite teased the addition of the Mando’s Bounty LTM earlier this week via a short clip posted on social media. A mystery voice informed The Mandalorian that they had a job for him, and clearly, this is it. The Mandalorian was added to Fortnite at the start of season five, but this is the first time anything other than challenges and cosmetic items relating to the Star Wars character have been added to the game.

Season five has been all about the hunt in Fortnite. The Mandalorian has been joined by a number of visitors from other franchises including Terminator’s T-800, Predator, and possibly Lara Croft before the season is over. It comes after an incredibly successful Marvel-themed season that left Epic having to prove it hadn’t peaked via its Galactus cinematic event to close out season four.

The Mando’s Bounty LTM isn’t the only thing to arrive courtesy of today’s update, of course. It also adds three brand new weapons to the game. The Burst Quad Launcher, Frozen SMG, and Chug Cannon, which presumably works in a similar way to the Bandage Bazooka. The patch will also include some minor bug fixes.

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