'The Mandalorian' is Coming to 'Fortnite' Chapter Two Season Five

With the colossal battle against Galactus coming to a close, the heavily Marvel-themed fourth season of Fortnite‘s second chapter has also concluded, bringing us now to its fifth season, dubbed “Zero Point.”

This time round, Epic Games will be bringing a whole roster of new, original characters to the game focused around a new bounty mechanic, along with a special appearance from the galaxy’s most lethal bounty hunter himself: the Mandalorian (and his Baby Yoda aka Grogu). You’ll be able to unlock and play with these characters through purchasing this season’s battle pass.

Aside from more playable characters, the new season also sees various map changes, including a new jungle area and a sci-fi desert region, as well as more special weapons like Mando’s very own Amban sniper rifle, the Night Hawk, and the Dragon’s Breath shotgun. Epic Games also teases that “even more hunters from the realities beyond” will be joining the game, so there may be other characters from various franchises on the way other than the Din Djarin.

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