The Long Dark: Every Possible Hunting Rifle Spawn

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  • Mystery Lake
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Coastal Highway
  • Desolation Point
  • Timberwolf Mountain
  • Ash Canyon
  • Blackrock
  • Bleak Inlet
  • Forlorn Muskeg
  • Broken Railroad
  • Hushed River Valley
  • Mountaintown

Staying alive is a constant challenge in The Long Dark, and weapons can help with many of the issues a player faces along the way. Hunting Bows and Knives can be crafted and are necessary in surviving an Interloper run, but for every other difficulty level, Hunting Rifles have a chance to spawn in the world.

Though their description says they can maybe take down a wolf, they have so many more uses than just picking off a lonesome wolf for a measly 5kg of meat. A lucky headshot can take down a rampaging bear with one bullet – or even a territorial moose. They're not a common find, though, and players may need to search around to score themselves this immensely useful item.

Mystery Lake

This region is a common starting point for new players due to the mix of shelter and wildlife and plenty of great loot available.

  • Placed on the gun rack in the Forestry Lookout.
  • Placed on the gun rack in Trapper's Homestead.
  • Not far from Trapper's Homestead is Max's Last Stand. Sometimes he's left behind a Hunting Rifle for future survivors.
  • Along the Lake Trail is another frozen corpse that might also be sporting a Rifle.
  • Another corpse to check out is someone who went looking for the original Forestry Lookout, now the Destroyed Lookout.
  • On the furthest side of the lake is the Lone Lake Cabin near the bear cave. A Rifle can be found leaning against the outside back wall.
  • Opposite Camp Office is a possible Prepper Cache which may hold a Rifle too.
  • Following the train track, you'll find the Derailment. Inside the fallen carriage near the backpack.
  • The tracks lead to a bridge, and underneath is a burnt-out campfire with the Rifle leaned against a column.
  • Within Carter Hydro Dam, under one of the staircases, is another spawn location.

Pleasant Valley

The only thing pleasant about this valley is the sheer amount of possible Hunting Rifle spawn points.

  • The Radio Control Building on Signal Hill has three possible spots; inside the door, on the bed, or in the corner of the radio room.
  • Down the hill is the Long Curve with an abandoned car. Check the trunk.
  • The Homestead has another three possible spawns; under the bed, propped against the wardrobe, or upright in the study.
  • The ruined building nearby houses another corpse.
  • The weapon Prepper Cache may spawn on this map.
  • Near the Homestead is Three Strikes Farm. Within the ruined buildings are spawn sites.
  • Up the hill to the crash site, nearby is Burned Ridge Cave.
  • Another corpse to check is at the Misty Falls Picnic Area.

Coastal Highway

If you're lucky and thorough when searching, there are quite a few possible Rifle spawn points on Coastal Highway.

  • The bridge leading to the Ravine may have a Rifle underneath it.
  • In the Abandoned Lookout's gun rack.
  • A guaranteed spawn is beside the corpse in the Abandoned Mine. An aurora is necessary to use the elevator to descend.
  • The car near Crumbling Highway.
  • Jackrabbit Island house, against the bedroom wall.
  • The Fishing Hut between Jackrabbit Island and Misanthrope's Homestead.
  • Beside the bedroom wardrobe in Misanthrope's Homestead.
  • The frozen corpse at the tip of Misanthrope's island.

Desolation Point

There are four possible Hunting Rifle spawns at Desolation Point and one guaranteed spawn for good measure.

  • A guaranteed spawn inside the cave near the Broken Bridge.
  • Against a wall in the Stone Church.
  • Hibernia Processing has a pipe the player can crawl through and up to a hidden spot underneath a rowboat.
  • Under the bunk beds at Hibernia Processing.
  • Behind breakable crates in Hibernia Processing.

Timberwolf Mountain

Only two spots on Timberwolf Mountain contain a possible Hunting Rifle spawn.

  • Between the Wing and the Forest Cave, on a hill, is a frozen corpse that may have a Rifle.
  • One of the cargo containers can carry ammunition as well as Rifles and Revolvers. A great find, to be sure.

Ash Canyon

There are five spawn locations for rifles in Ash Canyon, including one guaranteed spot.

  • On the Foreman's Retreat gun rack.
  • On the Angler's Den gun rack.
  • On a wooden beam in the rubble behind the Angler's Den.
  • A guaranteed spawn at one of the entrances to the Gold Mine.
  • On the bed inside the Gold Mine.


Added in Episode 4 of Wintermute, Blackrock is best known for its prison.

  • The Old Substation, on the bed or propped against a wall.
  • On Cook's Farm, the barn can spawn a Rifle.
  • North of the Trailer is Cliff Cave. This is a dangerous spot to check as a bear spawns very nearby.
  • East from there is the Whistling Perch blind.
  • Along with the recipe for Noisemakers, the Last Prospect Mine can have a Rifle.
  • In the far west is the Forager's Remnant. The ruined building may spawn the Rifle.

Bleak Inlet

Three spots in Bleak Inlet make their home for rifles.

  • Inside one of the Cannery Workers Residences.
  • Inside the Fishing Hut near the Cannery Workers Residences.
  • Beside the corpse at the end of the Secret Mountain Path, that begins beneath the Echo One Radio Tower.

Forlorn Muskeg

There is only one Hunting Rifle spawn in Forlorn Muskeg, and it's a guaranteed one at that!

  • Following the edge of the frozen swamp from the Old Spence Family Homestead towards the entrance to Broken Railroad. Under an archway near the bear spawn site is a corpse.

Broken Railroad

There are five possible locations within the Hunting Lodge.

  • On the gun rack over the fireplace.
  • On one of the beds.
  • Under one of the beds.
  • Anywhere within the basement.
  • Also, at the bottom of the ravine is near a corpse. A rope can be deployed near the waterfall to reach it.

Hushed River Valley

With only one possible spawn point in Hushed River Valley, you can rest assured that this gun is guaranteed to show up.

  • Below Little Bear and Cub Falls is a corpse. This is the only Hunting Rifle spawn.


Mountaintown has the most possible Hunting Rifle spawn sites in the game, and there will always be at least one.

  • The cave between Mystery Lake and the rope up to the Picnic Area.
  • The house near the Picnic Area, beside another corpse.
  • In Milton Basin, in a cave beside a corpse.
  • On the bed at Paradise Meadows Farm, up the rope from Milton Basin.
  • In the isolated house, on the hill behind the small pond, a Rifle can spawn beside the bed.
  • In the carpark behind the Post Office, inside one of the cars.
  • Inside the biggest house in Milton, leaning against the fireplace.
  • Beside a corpse near the Radio Tower.
  • Inside St. Christopher's Church, leaning against the altar.
  • Opposite to the cave into Hushed River Valley is a pond. An open cave to the east has a corpse, a burnt out fire, and maybe a Rifle.

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