The Last Of Us TV show: Joel actor wants Josh Brolin to play the role

With The Last Of Us getting a TV show, Joel’s actor, Troy Baker, admits that he’d be honoured to see Josh Brolin play his role.

It was only a few months ago that we learned that The Last Of Us would be receiving a TV adaptation, with game director Neil Druckmann working alongside Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin.

It’s very unusual to see a game adapted by the same people that made it but The Last Of Us Part 2 had the biggest launch for a PlayStation 4 game ever in the UK, and that will have given Druckmann and Naughty Dog free reign to do pretty much whatever they want.

However, we haven’t heard of any details about the show since, with the main question on everyone’s minds being ‘Who will play Joel and Ellie?’

Some would say simply recast Troy Baker, who plays Joel in the games, but Baker himself has admitted, in an interview with Collider, that he feels he’s done all he can with the character.

‘All I want out of Joel, I have done. I have taken Joel as far as I can take it. I did the same in part one. Same in part two. That was my job, was to move that character as far forward as I could,’ he said, expressing eagerness to see someone else play the role.

‘What I’m excited about is finding someone that can give me a completely different side of Joel and show me how far that character can stretch.’

There’s also the obvious problem that, physically, he’s simply to young for the role. So as for who he’d like to see take his place, Baker says that he’d personally love it to be Josh Brolin, who has also been a popular choice among fans.

He adds that he even met Brolin at Los Angeles International Airport and said to him ‘If you ever get the call for a character named Joel, I would be honoured and I think you would be enriched to play that character.’

That being said, as much as he’d love to see Brolin’s performance as Joel, Baker would also like to see a different take on the character, rather than a replication of his own performance.

‘I think on its face, literally, Josh Brolin would be a knockout choice, but I don’t know if I would walk away learning something different about Joel.’

There’s no guarantee that Brolin will be considered for the role, even with Baker’s blessing, but Baker says that he’ll be happy with whatever happens.

‘I’m in a great position. Because either A) Somebody steps into that role. And [I’ll be] like, ‘Damn, dude, I never thought about that, wow, what an interesting choice.’ Or B) They suck, and people go, ‘Only Troy can play Joel.’ So, either way I win.’

The Last Of Us Part 2 is available now on PlayStation 4.

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