The Last Of Us Part 2 to add permadeath and Grounded difficulty in new update

A new patch looks set to make The Last Of Us Part 2 much more of a challenge, with the return of Grounded mode from the first game.

It might be hard on your nerves, and sense of optimism, but The Last Of Us Part 2 isn’t a particularly difficult game to play, especially on the default settings. But if you wish it was more of a challenge then Naughty Dog has just the update for you.

Nothing’s been officially announced yet but the latest update for the game has added two new Trophies which talk about beating the game with any permadeath setting and in Grounded mode.

The only problem is neither of those options exist yet, so they’re presumably coming in another future update, although there’s no indication of exactly when.

Permadeath is more commonly associated with strategy role-playing games and things like XCOM, where you have multiple characters and if they get killed they stay dead, with no way to revive them.

In the context of The Last Of Us Part 2 it presumably means that if you’re killed that’s it, it’s the end of the game – whether you were 10 minutes in or 10 minutes from the end.

Grounded mode is something that was also added in a patch to the original The Last Of Us and takes out all the video game style assistance from the game, so that there’s no HUD, you can’t use listen mode (the detective mode style feature that lets you see through walls), there’s far fewer supplies, enemies do triple the damage, and there are fewer checkpoints.

There’s no guarantee that Grounded mode will be exactly the same in the sequel, but if it is different it’ll probably only be to make it even harder.

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