The Last Of Us Part 1 Has Working Scales That Weigh Joel

The Last of Us fans are discovering some of the new details put into Part 1, including a working scale that weighs Joel.

Ever since it was first rumoured, debates have been had whether The Last of Us Part 1 needs to exist at all. Whichever side you fall on with that argument, the remake finally released yesterday and fans of the series have been playing through and spotting all of the new details that have been added.

As reported by GamesRadar, one fun hidden detail has been spotted by several players and was recently shared by Twitter user mitchob1012. Some bathrooms in the game have working scales that the player can make Joel stand on and if they do, it'll actually shift to show his weight, which is apparently 200 pounds. Not bad for someone with a backpack full of bricks, ammo, guns, and shivs.

Another little detail was shared on the Last of Us subreddit, jokingly claiming that it was worth remaking the whole game for – when Joel shoots or hits a globe, it'll now spin instead of staying static. For something a little more brutal, it looks like the Bloater's death animation has been updated to be even more brutal, as Redditor showed off in a photo mode screenshot. Joel's eyes now noticeably pop out of his head when one of them catches him, and his jaw looks to be even more broken this time around.

Several photos around Joel's house at the beginning of the game have also seen subtle updates. Not only has Joel's phone background been updated to show a photo of him and Sarah, but there are also photos of what might be Sarah's mother around the house, although this remains unconfirmed and could just be the developers filling the space with whatever they can. Speaking of Sarah, her baby photo, which was notoriously strange-looking in the original release of the game, has also been changed to actually resemble a human this time around.

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