The Last Of Us: Firefly Edition Buyers Are Reporting Ruined Copies Due To Inadequate Packaging

The Last of Us Part 1 finally released today and while those who pre-ordered the standard or digital versions of the game are enjoying their time revisiting a classic, buyers of the ultra-rare Firefly Edition are a little bit more peeved. That's because despite costing fans $100, many have been sharing pictures of their battered special editions, seemingly caused by Sony's reluctance to use anything other than a thin sheet of tissue for padding.

Seasoned Gaming head Ains kicked things off by sharing their wonky copy on their personal Twitter acount, prompting others to share similar pictures. While you could put one or two down to an overly careless postie, over a dozen people have reported issues with their packaging. Some have had to remove cellotape, residue, and bits of envelope welded to the box, while others have shared images of their copies crammed into tiny envelopes.

It doesn't seem that everyone has been affected by Sony's packaging shenanigans though, as some have claimed their copies are fine and were actually packaged quite nicely. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't seem to be dishing out refunds either, as Ains shared a little later that customer support gave them a 20% voucher and told him that replacements aren't an option.

As for why the packaging on these seems to hit and miss, that's only a mystery that Sony knows the answer to. The original batch of Firefly Editions sold out incredibly quickly back in June, so there was definitely plenty of time to sort them out. Naughty Dog recently announced that a second batch would be made available today – which sold out almost immediately because of scalpers – but unless the US has the quickest postmen in the world, it's likely these aren't those copies.

Unfortunately, it seems like those who have damaged boxes will have to deal with it. Those that are still waiting for their order, we wish you the best of luck.

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