The God Of War Rip-Off On Xbox Is No More

War Gods Zeus of Child, the nonsensical game where you play as a legally questionable version of Kratos, has been removed from the Xbox store.

Eurogamer first noted the strange God of War rip-off earlier this week available on Xbox’s storefront for the low price of $3.99. The game featured a clear recreation of Kratos, although with a somewhat less detailed character model and lacking many animations, so his movements seemed stilted at best and outright floaty at worst. Wielding his Leviathan Axe, Kratos would hack and slash his way through waves of enemies until eventually being overcome.

Besides the game’s description being generally full of spelling and grammatical mistakes, the God of War had been renamed the "God of Warning." There was also no collision detection for the game, meaning Kratos could walk out of bounds or through monsters at will.

Developer and publisher Dlaka LTD seemed to get War Gods Zeus of Child on the Xbox store through the Xbox Creators Collection. This part of the store doesn’t require certification or approval like other Xbox titles, and there’s also no support for achievements. It’s intended for first-time developers and students to get their games out there without too much hassle.

Unfortunately, it seems like one developer also thought it’d be a good way to perform a bit of copyright infringement. Microsoft has since taken note of War Gods Zeus of Child, and in an apparent move to avoid getting sued, has removed the game from the Xbox store. Dinosaur Falling Survivor, a Fall Guys clone from the same developer starring Mario sidekick Yoshi, is still available.

For the real thing, God of War: Ragnarok is due out on PlayStation on November 9.

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