The Elder Scrolls Online Console UI Issues Won’t Be Fixed Until June 8

The Elder Scrolls Online ran into a bit of an issue on consoles last week, resulting in problems with its UI while attempting to scroll through menus. A workaround was quickly released to the community, but it sounds like an official fix won’t be arriving until June 8.

“Due to certification timing for the upcoming Blackwood Chapter and ESO Console Enhanced, we will not have any more console incremental patches before the Blackwood and Update 30 launch,” ZeniMax Online Studios announced. “The fix for this issue will be in the Update 30 launch patch on June 8.”

Until then, the team recommends using temporary workarounds, such as exiting the item list, returning to the main menu, then re-entering the list. With any luck, that should get things working as normal.

You can also sign up to be notified when the patch goes live – although, it should be pretty obvious when the massive new Blackwood Chapter is released.

The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Chapter and Update 30 are going to bring much bigger changes than a simple UI fix, however, as ESO will see the addition of the Companion System, a new region, storyline, and next-gen update. It’ll likely be the most sizeable expansion released in 2021, and our recent hands-on time left us excited to experience more of the swampy lands around Leyawiin.

Its Companion System in particular is much better than expected, offering deep customization options and the chance to assign healing, tanking, or DPS skills to your loyal sidekick. They won’t be replacing real players any time soon, but they’re a nice addition that most players will benefit from.

The Elder Scrolls Online will fix its UI issue on June 8 with the arrival of Update 30. To learn more about workarounds for the issue, visit the official Elder Scrolls Online website.

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