The Doom Eternal Horde Mode Mod Is Out Now

Doom Eternal has only been out a few months, but many of us are still having a blast fighting the armies of hell and chainsawing one demon after another. While the new official Doom Eternal DLC is not too far away, thankfully, the Doom community has a loyal following of dedicated modders.

While the majority of mods currently available for Doom Eternal are HUD changes or some cosmetic changes for the Doom Slayer, there is one mod that spices up gameplay and puts your skills to the test. Are you ready to take on the DOOM Eternal Horde Mode mod?

Proteh’s Doom Eternal Horde Mode mod pits you against waves of enemies, with each wave becoming increasingly difficult. The mod does have an endpoint, this is not endless rounds of chainsawing demons, but the question is – can you make it to the end? You start the mode with a shotgun that has two weapon mods and get more upgrades items as you progress through each round.

Proteh gives you 13 rounds to earn praetor suit points, mastery coins, weapon points, runes, extra lives, and all the upgrades you need before taking on the final round. If you manage to get to the final round, then your skills are truly put to the test and will be rewarded with a small cutscene for your efforts if you manage to succeed.

Do not enter the Horde Mode expecting this to be on par with a slayer gate challenge. Proteh’s mod indeed expects players to enter with a mastery of Doom Eternal’s combat system, so try taking on the challenge at lower difficulties at first. Hopefully, you ration those extra lives because if you die before reaching the final round, you have to start over from the beginning. Thankfully there is a checkpoint for reaching the final round.

While the mod is immensely challenging, it is not difficult for the sake of being difficult and can be quite fair in how it pushes players to improve. The mod is free, and there is no reason you should not try, so jump back into Doom Eternal for some more demon-slaying fun!

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