The Dawning Returns To Destiny 2 Today With New Armor And A Sword

It’s sort of bizarre to consider another Destiny 2 event happening at the same time as Bungie’s 30th anniversary, but it’s also the holiday season, and that means Eva has returned to spread Dawning cheer.

The Dawning returns to Destiny 2 today. The three-week event will once again ask Guardians to bake delicious holiday treats for their favorite NPCs in return for fabulous gifts. Those gifts can include all previous Dawning weapons, including the Glacioclasm Fusion Rifle, the Cold Front SMG, and the Avalanche machinegun, along with the newest weapon to be offered, the Zephyr Stasis Sword.

But it’s not all cookie-baking and weapon-gifting in this year’s Dawning. There’s also going to be a new quest for Saint-14 that somehow involves his pigeons. That’s according to the datamined information from, which sadly doesn’t provide much in terms of details. We’ll have to wait for the event to go live before we can figure out what Saint’s pigeons want.

Other new items with this year's Dawning include brand new armor sets for each class, a new emblem, several new snow-themed emotes like the Snowball Fight, Slapshot, and Snow Bunny emotes, new ornaments for Riskrunner and Anarchy, and new Exotic ornaments including The Vapoorwill Spin Exotic ship and Fractic Spiral Sparrow.

There's also an adorable new Ghost Shell that puts earmuffs and reindeer antlers around your little floating ball.

So far, there's no mention of a community task running alongside The Dawning, which is a good thing. Last year's community task was an incredible disappointment as Bungie hyped a huge gift for the entire Destiny community only to give us a single Ascendant Shard. This year, it seems like Bungie is going to let The Dawning's existing rewards do the heavy lifting and if Guardians get bored with cookie-baking, there's a perfectly good 30th Anniversary event where you can get Halo guns. Who doesn't want Halo guns?

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