The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Spa Scene Walkthrough

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  • Finding The Columbus Spa
  • Getting Separated
  • Columbus Spa, Second Floor

The crew from Lonnit Entertainment have had quite a night so far, now that you’re about halfway finished with The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. Charlie and Erin are missing (and, depending on your choices, they may have already died), and Jamie is venturing off with Mark and Kate in this scene to try to find some answers.

With the Columbus Spa dark, decrepit, and completely out of use, let us help you keep your remaining crew members safe throughout their exploration in the next scene in The Devil in Me.

If you've played the other games in The Dark Pictures Anthology, then you're no stranger to how many minute details are hidden down every branching path the games can take.

We here at TheGamer have beaten The Devil in Me many times over, to ensure we're providing you with the most complete coverage we can.

Finding The Columbus Spa

As the group is mourning Charlie’s potential death during the Incinerator scene, the killer opens a sliding wall in the room to corral them forward. When you gain control of Jamie, run down the stairs behind the newly opened wall – it’s the only way you really can go right now.

The area ahead is rather dark, so be sure you’ve got Jamie’s flashlight equipped for an easier investigation.

This path leads you through several areas, eventually spitting you out in the disused pool at the entrance to the Columbus Spa. An announcement will play when you enter the room, and you’ll see the spa’s logo on the wall ahead.

Climb down the scaffolding and into the empty pool. There’s a body in the dark down here, so check it out to find the foreman’s ID beside him. It doesn’t count as a secret, but it gives you an idea of what’s going on.

When you’re done, climb out of the pool using the scaffolding along the side, and go through the entranceway here, by where Kate is standing. The room is dark, but you can peek through the windows of a double-door in here.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself, go back through the entryway again and find the small shimmying section to your right, if you’ve got the entryway behind you. Sidle along to follow Mark past the debris.

Go up the stairs here and into the second-floor entryway. There are a couple of locked doors in here, but the white door with several arrows is the one you need to interact with in order to progress.

Getting Separated

Mark and Jamie do a QTE to push the door open, only to end up falling down a trap door and becoming separated from Kate. The area ahead is even darker than the last, but secrets still glimmer along the floor if you’re looking at them.

When you find an overturned locker in the path, go down the dark path to the left of it and wrap around to snag another of Du’Met’s business cards, then go back to the locker and have Jamie hop over it to continue.

Proceed down this path, splitting off into the open room on your left to find Resignation Letter on the floor. It's the single collectible secret in this scene. In the same room, you’ll find a mannequin on the table with an ID card beside it. Like the foreman, the ID doesn’t count as a secret, but it’s still interesting.

Leave this room and follow the path straight ahead, going into the room on your right to find another ID card beside the hanging contractor mannequin, then return to the hallways and catch up with Mark off to the side.

To Mark’s right is a makeshift platform you can use to climb back out. This area ahead is even darker than the last, making it somewhat easy to get turned around in here depending on the light and camera.

Columbus Spa, Second Floor

From the dragged mannequin jumpscare, explore the area until you find a platform Jamie can climb that leads to a gap just before a red construction fence. Hop across the gap, then balance across a plank to continue, jumping down on the other side after you’ve crossed.

In here, climb up to the top corner of the room, eventually coming to a heavy door that shows several arrows on its interaction menu when Jamie appears. Complete a QTE to get both her and Mark to the other side.

Navigate through this dark area until you’ve slid, crawled, and hopped your way into a room with two mannequins in a trap inside a cage. Interact with the button beside the door to trigger the trap, which rewards you with another ID and the key to the door in this room.

Use the key on the door in this room to return to the lobby of the Columbus Spa, now on the second floor instead. From where you enter the lobby, turn right and follow the hallway until Mark and Jamie reach an office space.

After this, the group reunites with Kate. They return to the lobby and hear music coming from upstairs, following the sound to end the chapter.

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