The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me – Interrogation Scene Walkthrough

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  • Another Fuse Box Puzzle
  • Exploring With Jamie

During the Plan scene in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, Du’Met carefully splintered the recently unified group once again. Mark fell down a trap door, while Kate (and possibly Erin) watched Jamie be sealed behind a moving wall.

Now, having just seen where Mark ended up, you return to Jamie as she tries to find a way out of the labyrinthian hallways in which she’s been trapped. With a picture and secret to find and a fuse box puzzle to solve, follow along with our guide below to continue investigating the “Murder Castle.”

Like the other three games in The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Devil in Me is a game based solely on the decisions you make as its characters.

With small details all around the hotel, there’s a lot to find! However, we’ve played through the game several times in an effort to find it all for you with our guides.

Another Fuse Box Puzzle

Although Jamie certainly is, you yourself are no stranger to the confounding mechanics of the hotel, and you begin the scene with Du’Met rearranging the hallways to corral Jamie through them.

When the chapter first begins, you really only have one path that Jamie can take because of this. It brings you to the room where Erin was trapped during the Blackout scene, where there’s another fuse box puzzle.

As with the others, we’ve outlined the table below like the switches are on the panel, so flip them in the following order:


Successfully completing this puzzle allows Jamie to continue her exploration once a wall moves as a result.

Exploring With Jamie

Once again because of the moving walls, there’s only one way for Jamie to go once she’s out of the room where Erin was trapped before. Send her down that way, where she’ll eventually reach a room with an open door. Inside, the mirror is glowing red.

When Jamie investigates, she can use her screwdriver to pry open the latch behind the mirror, allowing her to enter a control room with several cameras.

There’s a lot to inspect in here, but none of it will count as a collectible secret. There is, however, a picture premonition for Crushed to locate on the floor beside one of the cameras in this room.

Go right from this main room, where Jamie will walk past an interrogation window. To finish the scene and earn Sherman Tape 4 as a secret, interact with the window.

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