The Daily Bugle Is Sticking Around For Fortnite’s Resistance Season

The Daily Bugle will be sticking around for Fortnite's Resistance season.

It's not a good idea to get attached to anything in Fortnite, whether that be items, themes, weapons, or even whole gameplay mechanics. By far the worst thing to get attached to, however, is buildings. How's it hanging, Titled Tower fans?

Although all buildings in Fortnite are pretty susceptible to just up and vanishing, none are more of a worry than those associated with themes or licenses. Because characters are swapped in and out of Fortnite over every season, anything associated with them is just as likely to be removed when a new season rolls around.

Because Chapter 3, Season 1 was centred around Spider-Man, the Daily Bugle was introduced, but with the next season being announced as "Resistance", many players thought that the Bugle was prime for being removed from the map.

That doesn't look to be the case, however. As reported by Hypex, Twitter user Ta5tyy2 spotted the Daily Bugle in the background of the recently-released Resistance trailer. Although these cinematic trailers don't always match up with what's featured in the season, we've also got a leaked look at the map and the Daily Bugle is still right where it was.

Perhaps this isn't much of a surprise considering The Prowler is featured in the battle pass, but many Fortnite players were posting memes before yesterday's downtime saying goodbye to the Daily Bugle as a location.

Of course, although a building dedicated to Spider-Man is cool in itself, the real reason why players have been wondering about the Daily Bugle is its relation to a very popular item in the game – Spider-Man's Web-Shooters.

This item allows players to swing around the environment and has been praised for how much fun the swinging is. Considering how linked it is to Spider-Man, having the Daily Bugle stick around for another season makes it much more likely that the gloves won't be disappearing as soon as we previously thought. (Update: They've been vaulted, for now.)

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