The Bus Is A Driving Sim Set In A 1:1 Scale Berlin

Announced today, developer TML Studios and Aerosoft – a leading publisher of deep simulation games – has announced that it will be releasing its newest game, The Bus, on PC via Steam Early Access on March 25, 2021.

The Bus is a bus driving simulator that will attempt to take the city bus-driving simulation genre to the next level, seeing players driving the streets of a realistic 1:1 scale of Berlin, Germany. Gameplay will consist of driving passengers from pick-up to their destination on custom-designed bus routes that run through many of the city’s “vibrant districts, tourist attractions, and popular landmarks.”

The Aerosoft team hopes to provide a “realistic ‘public transportation’ experience” with its digitized Berlin map. A management component will also be featured, allowing players to draw up their own routes, timetables, and tours, while also making decisions on ticket sales. While actually driving the bus, players will have to contend with dynamic weather and day and night cycles, as well as AI-controlled traffic, which will include different vehicles, pedestrians, and complex traffic light patterns.

Finally, The Bus’ Free Movement feature will allow players to freely move about their bus, offering up the opportunity to check out the game’s Photo Mode, or just to stretch their legs and take a break from being behind the wheel.

“The Bus is a completely new kind of city bus simulator and will, without a doubt, have a significant impact on the future of the genre,” said Winfried Diekmann, CEO of Aerosoft. “We have already published several highly successful titles with TML Studios, and are firmly convinced that The Bus will see great results.”

“With The Bus, we are depicting Berlin on an extensive and detailed scale. This makes the game extremely realistic and immersive, perfect for casual or hardcore sim fans,” said Thomas Langelotz, CEO of TML Studios. “But what makes it truly special is that, in addition to the next-gen driving simulation, we are also including a deep economy mode, a plethora of modding tools, and, above all, a multiplayer mode. This combination is unique to the genre, and The Bus is sure to set a new standard for simulations of its type.”

The Bus appears to be hitting all the right notes as it heads towards its Early Access release, namely with Aerosoft being the backing publisher – Aerosoft being known for its impressive catalog and experience within the simulation genre.

The Bus is slated to hit Steam Early Access on March 25.

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